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5 Reasons Why Fly Fishing Travel Makes a Great Father’s Day Gift


Father’s Day is fast approaching. For the dad in your life consider being a Father’s Day Superhero and get him the gift he really wants—a fly fishing trip to someplace he’s always wanted to visit or a return trip to a place you know he enjoyed before. It does not have to be a solo trip for him—send him with a son or daughter, or his father, or a best friend, or a spouse.

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We are here to help you look good, so we’ve compiled the 5 Reasons Why Fly Fishing Travel Makes a Great Father’s Day Gift.


Fishing Stories

The one that got away, the big one landed after a long fight, or waiting it out during an exhilarating storm—the stories generated from fishing trips only come from fishing trips.

Bucket Lists and Angling Goals

Famous children’s book author Hans Christian Anderson wrote, “To Travel is to Live.” He’s right. Father’s Day is great time to give that bucket list angling trip. Cosmoledo Atoll. Kamchatka. Mongolia. A permit on the fly. And the list goes on.



Time Together—Father-Son; Father-Daughter; Father-Mother; Father-Father

As our lives become busier and busier with increased responsibilities, prioritize time together and book a trip for the dad in your life to spend time with the ones he loves, doing what he loves.


Disconnect From It All

Most of our worldwide angling destinations allow the opportunity to completely disconnect from technology, television, and the digital world. Connect to a fish or connect with a son, daughter, wife, or father, not a 4GLTE hot spot.

It Is Just Fun

Traveling to fly fish the world is simply just a lot of fun. Dipping into an infinity pool after wading the flats all day or feeling the rush of adrenaline as a tarpon leaps, our travel destinations are hand-picked for their fishing, their guides, their amenities, and because they are just fun places to visit.

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