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7 Destinations for the Freshwater Fly-Fishing Father in Your Life

June 7, 2019

The angling dad in your life may not openly admit it, but he wants to take a fly-fishing adventure. Checking someone’s browser history can be a sketchy endeavor, so we’ll save you the drama and just tell you what to do this Father’s Day—contact us today and consider sending him, either by himself or with a son or daughter, friend, spouse, or even his own father, on a trip he will surely love. See below for our 7 Destinations for the Freshwater Fly-Fishing Father in Your Life.

While he’s gone you can chip away at your own list of things to do or finally binge stream the shows you’ve been holding back.


Located within the U.S, so travel is easy. From luxury lodges to budget style packages and one river or multiple rivers, Montana serves up consistent fishing with beautiful scenery and outfitters and lodges time-tested in providing first-rate trips.

Discover our Montana destinations.


This volcano and river-filled region has always been a place of wonder for any angler. It is safe, yet true wilderness. A trip to Kamchatka is an unforgettable experience for some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the world. Yellow Dog even has some discounted trips for summer 2019.

Discover our Kamchatka destinations.

New Zealand

This is a perfect destination for a father-son or father-daughter trip. Nearly all of the fishing here is on foot and alongside the guide. This creates a unique team-like effort, allowing for maximum time together fishing and pursuing some large and beautiful wild trout. And, if they are lucky they might enjoy a “mouse year.”

Discover our New Zealand destinations.


Like New Zealand, much of the fishing here is done on foot. The quarry: Golden Dorado. This a voracious predatory species and certainly should be on any freshwater angler’s bucket list.

Discover our Bolivia destinations.


Chile is one of the world’s foremost destinations for freshwater fly fishing. Indeed, fly fishing in Patagonia Chile is something every dedicated trout angler should experience.

Discover our Chile destinations.


Across the Andres Mountains from Chile, Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, noted for its rich culture, friendly people, and fine food and wine. If your angling father has not made a trip to Argentina, you can be sure he wants to.

Discover our Argentina destinations.


With nearly twenty destinations, Yellow Dog’s Alaska expertise runs deep. Alaska is a must-fish destination and whether it is fishing for large rainbows on a fly-out trip or a multi-day floating and camping trip, there is a trip here he will enjoy.

Discover our Alaska destinations.


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