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December 11, 2015


Jon Lyon traveled with his dad, Jim, to Campeche Tarpon for his eleventh birthday, and wrote us up a little trip report after the fact. (Who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday chasing tarpon in Mexico?) We’re always beyond excited to see the younger generation getting after it, and there were a lot of grins around the office after reading Jon’s report:

“For my 11th birthday, my parents surprised me with a fly fishing trip to Campeche, Mexico. We booked our trip through Yellow Dog. The trip was amazing from start to finish. The hotel was comfortable and the food was great.  It was really easy to get to Campeche too. Each day we woke up very early, and Alejandro was there to greet us and prepare us for the day. I was blown away by how many tarpon we saw! I hooked and landed my first tarpon on a fly, on the flats, on my first day. It was the best feeling! The mangroves were so different than the flats, and it was fun to fish both kinds of water. In all three days, I landed two tarpon, had five eats, and two jumps. I also caught a snook and barracuda in the mangroves. One of the coolest things was that we had two tarpon free jump into our boat! Overall, it was a such a memorable trip, and I can’t wait to come back with my family in search of more tarpon. Thank you Yellow Dog!”  – Jon Lyon

Thanks for the report, Jon, and happy (belated) birthday from the Yellow Dog team!

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