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 Here at Yellow Dog, we receive a lot of post trip reports and feedback from clients that have traveled all over the world. And while we always love the reports and appreciate the comments, every once in a while we get one that makes the entire office smile.

Our good friend Tim J. from Montana just returned from a fantastic week at Agua Boa Lodge in Brazil’s Amazon. He was kind enough to send along his post-trip comments and a few great photos.

Dear Jim and Tom,

I usually need a bit of time to process a fishing trip.  However, not this time.  Agua Boa was getting two thumbs up before the trip was even over.  Upon arrival in Manaus, Brazil, I toured the fish market and Opera House then had dinner at the Churrascaria Búfalo (a must-do).  After an easy trip to the lodge, my adventures really began. While in the field I got a fleeting glance of a black jaguar, had a serendipitous encounter with a 16 foot anaconda and caught a copious number of peacock bass with the largest coming in at 18 pounds. The Yellow Dog Team and Agua Boa Lodge made this a perfect trip and one worth repeating.

Here are a few things my new friends and I learned while fishing in the Amazon:

1.  While you might be amused with intentionally snagging a caiman, the guide is not.
2.  If you chew tobacco, pull your Buff down before spitting.
3.  Don’t trust an Okie holding a piranha.
4.  While there’s no shame in taking a laxative, there is if you don’t follow the directions.
5.  If someone starts a sentence with, “I’ll give you ten dollars if you’ll….”  Hold out for twenty.
6.  If a response to #5 is “Hold my beer and watch this”, switch your camera mode from still to video.
7.  There’s a dash of irony in having fried piranha for dinner.
8.  The accommodations and service at Agua Boa exceeded all my expectations.  Sight casting to large peacock bass all day followed by a dip in the pool while knocking back some cold ones then watching the college bowl games on the big screen TV…are you kidding me? 

Cheers, Tim

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