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Bahamas: Grand Bahama and Nassau Flight Updates

As the Bahamas recovers from the effects of Hurricane Dorian, it is important to be an informed traveler. Here are the latest flight updates for travel to and from Nassau and Grand Bahama. 

Bahamas Air. Currently operating every day of the week. On Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday there are 3 flights daily: departing 7 AM, 10 AM and 2 PM. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday there are 2 flights daily: departing 7 AM and 2 PM. None of these currently work with the British Airways/London flight that lands in Nassau at 2 PM, so that means an overnight stay in Nassau on the arrival day.

At the moment this schedule continues through to November 17. After November 17, there are 6.30 AM and 5 PM departures added.

Western Air. Daily flights departing at 9 AM and 3 PM. These also don’t work for British Airways/London flights. The 5 PM flight should resume on December 18.

It appears that anyone flying in from London is going to have to overnight in Nassau until at least to mid-November.

Silver. West Palm Beach (WPB) – Marsh Harbour (MHH). The first flight showing on their website is November 16 with a 2:50 PM departure only and every other day after that. Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – MHH is first flight showing October 15 with departures and 10:20 AM and 3:15 PM and every day after that.

Delta. ATL – MHH. First flight showing December 21 with departures at 10:50 AM and 12:40 PM.

American Airlines. MIA – MHH. First flight showing November 6 with a departure 10:30 AM.

All flights seem to be able to be booked online at the moment.

However, as efforts on the ground continue, it is VERY important to check with Yellow Dog or Kanna Travel for the most current Bahams travel information. And, to also consider trip insurance for any trip to the Bahamas or any destination.

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