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Camille Egdorf Chats About Her Recent All Women’s Hosted Trip to Belize

November 30, 2017

Camille Egdorf who’s the Christmas Island and Alaska program director recently came back from Yellow Dog’s first ever all women’s hosted trip!

The group of six spent four days and four nights at El Pescador Lodge on Ambergris Caye.

Aside from the weather not cooperating 100% (yes, not even all-star anglers can control the weather), the trip went smoothly.

Hearing the report and looking at the pictures certainly makes Belize sound appealing especially with Montana winter just around the corner.



Had you met the girls on the trip before?

Emily and I are good friends from Bozeman, so I knew her very well. As for the other girls, we met for the first time at the Tropic Air counter. We immediately became friends, and within hours we were out on the dock fishing and drinking Red Bonefish cocktails. I think it’s safe to say we all had a ball and will definitely be fishing together again. We’re already talking about our next fishing trip.


Do you think there’ll be more all women’s trips in the future?

Of course – probably will make a return trip to El Pescador and potentially some other destinations such as the Bahamas and the Yucatan.

What’s something that was unexpected, maybe with the fishing, lodging, people, food?

The entire group of women was in their late 20’s early 30’s so this was a pretty young group of women. I think we surprised everyone at the lodge since seeing young women traveling alone to go fishing is so unheard of. Was a pretty cool thing to see!

What was your favorite food you tried?

Everything was great, but the authentic fajitas were pretty awesome.



Can you talk us through catching your first tarpon?

We were on Savannah Flat, and after about an hour of searching for tarpon, we started seeing several groups of 5 – 10 milling around. After a few missed opportunities, a group of 5-6 were at my 11 about 60 feet out. I made one long cast leading them about 10 feet. As they got closer to my fly, I started to strip, and one turned breaking away from the group. About 5 seconds later it opened its mouth engulfing my fly. I made a hard strip set, and once I was tight, it was off to the races. It jumped about 5 times before I was able to bring it in and get a close up look at how cool tarpon are. Definitely a fish I’d like to spend more time pursuing.


Belize Tarpon

What rod setup did you use mostly?

It switched between an 8wt and a 10wt. The 8 was for bonefish while the 10 was for tarpon and permit.

Why would anyone want to do a hosted trip?

Hosted trips are great because anglers will have someone there to look towards for help and guidance while on the trip. It’s especially great for those who have not done much traveling, are going somewhere new and may not be as comfortable doing an international trip alone. A host is there to make everything as easy as possible, and it can be a real positive for anyone who is new to this type of travel.

Do you have any special memories or moments you can share?

Watching Emily catch her first bonefish was really great. Also listening to Annie tell her story about her first Jack was fantastic. Many great memories were made on this trip – certainly one of my favorites to date!


Be sure to find out more about all hosted trips that Yellow Dog currently offers. We have hosted trips going to Cuba, Mexico, Alaska, Belize, and Russia – they’re a great way to explore a foreign country under the guidance of an expert guide. Spots fill up quickly so don’t wait till it’s too late!

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