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 A Recent Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures client from Massachusetts caught two permit over Christmas week at Crooked Island Lodge with Shakey and Randy. One of the permit slurped down a merkin size 2 on a ray. The other permit was tailing over the beautiful white sand flats and ate a blue crab fly size 2.

Crooked Island is one of the least-visited and most productive fisheries in the Bahamas. The location of Crooked is important when you consider that weather patterns in this southern area are usually more consistent and warmer than other Bahamian islands, especially throughout the winter months. The expansive lodge grounds at Crooked Island Lodge include a pleasant swimming beach, and sea kayaks are available to tour the coast and visit the historic lighthouse. All of the guest rooms at the lodge sit at the tip of Pittstown Point, providing easy access to the ocean. Aside from the fantastic bone ishing, permit and tarpon can be found during most months of the year, and the guides on the island are eager to fish for them.

The fishing on the south side of Crooked Island provides numerous bonefish opportunities on vast white sand flats. The operation is limited to six boats per week; something that the owners believe will ensure the quality of fishing for many years to come. The average bonefish in these waters runs two to four pounds, and anglers will find themselves casting at larger fish on a regular basis. You can also expect to spend the week wading pristine flats that seem endless, with no other anglers in sight. Permit can be found most of the year and the guides on the island are getting more and more dialed in on how to fish for them with each passing season. This is one of the finest Bahamian locations to target the elusive permit and lodge guests have taken good numbers on the fly. Long time professionals staff the fishing program on Crooked, and many of the guides have been working here since the mid-1990s. They focus on bonefish, but are knowledgeable and excited about the untapped and largely unmolested permit and tarpon fisheries. Overall, they know how to provide you with a quality fishing experience.


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