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January 15, 2014


 Janet Williams is the first woman to catch a grand slam at La Pescadora Lodge!! … And she’s also the first to etch her name on the wall with a knife. I guess no one else has the “cajones” to use a knife! All the men used a Sharpie!

The new La Pescadora Lodge offers one of the best values in Ascension Bay for anglers seeking a fishing-focused lodge with access to great waters and great guides. With final construction completed in the fall of 2013, the property is just south of the small fishing town of Punta Allen. Jose Ucan and Lilly Bertram are the on-site managing partners of the lodge, and together they have been working in the fishing industry in Punta Allen for over a decade. The lodge is new, clean and well designed. The food is great, the beers are cold, and the guide staff includes some of the finest guides in the entire area. And best of all, this is one of the best overall values and price points of any lodge that we work with in the entire Caribbean!

La Pescadora offers easy access to the vast flats of Ascension Bay as well as the inland lagoons and river system located on the mainland. You will start each morning by walking 50 feet from your cabin to your panga to begin your day of fishing. This fishery is renown as one of the finest locales in the world of saltwater fishing to throw a fly at a super-slam at almost any time of the year. La Pescadora’s guides are serious permit hunters, so while there are bonefish aplenty, many anglers at La Pescadora are there to target permit. Every guide at La Pescadora grew up in the area and is hand-.picked. Whether you are new to saltwater fishing or an experienced angler, Ascension Bay offers strong fishing scenarios for every level.




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