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February 20, 2017

Making the Most of It

Yellow Dog client Patty M. just returned from a fantastic trip to Alphonse, where – despite a week of tough weather – she and her group managed to land some outstanding fish (including this beautiful Indo-Pacific permit).

Patty shared, “This permit was spectacularly colorful and completely blemish free! It was a beautiful situation: wading in knee-deep water, sight fishing to a feeding fish. I made the first cast, and the fish spooked before settling back down. I cast again, and the fish moved to the crab and absolutely pounded it. Several trips into the backing and an amazing fight before I finally landed it. I was in complete shock for at least an hour afterwards.”

Great job and a beautiful permit, Patty!

An angler fishes the flats at Alphonse in the Seychelles at dusk.

Situated approximately 1,000 miles off the east coast of Africa and 310 nautical miles southwest of Mahe, Alphonse is a tiny, triangular coral island that it is one of three formations in a small and isolated group: Alphonse in the north, Bijoutier in the middle, and St. François in the south. This is, without a doubt, a distant and very exotic destination, with a fishery that may be the most diverse in the entire world of saltwater fly fishing.

In the Alphonse and St. François fishing areas, a small number of weekly guests have exclusive access to over 10,000 acres of hard white sand flats, setting the region apart from others in the Indian Ocean. And with consistent, unpressured populations of bonefish, trevally, milkfish and other species, even novice fly anglers can spot and cast to fish with relative ease. As much as we hate to throw around the phrase “trip of a lifetime,” a week fishing Alphonse is an experience that no doubt qualifies as such.

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Lodge pool at Alphonse in the Seychelles.
Angler with a giant trevally at Alphonse in the Seychelles.View from the poling platform on a skiff while fishing Alphonse in the Seychelles.
Bottles of SeyBrew beer in the Seychelles.
Lodging at Alphonse in the Seychelles.Bed and accommodations while fishing at Alphonse in the Seychelles.
Tortoise on Alphonse in the Seychelles.


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