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August 15, 2016


Yellow Dog client Tim recently returned from a fishing trip into the jungles of Brazil. He sent over several images and plenty of stories, succinctly written below:

“The more I travel to fish, the less it’s about the fish. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go anywhere without the prospects of good fishing; but culture and landscape now weigh in heavily when choosing fishery destinations. This trip trip was an amazing balance of those criteria. Regarding fish, variety trumped trophies. I landed two different types of piranha, matrinxa, bicuda, pacu, peacock bass and wolf fish. Several payara were caught by other anglers. The evening meals rivaled the best Manhattan restaurants.

Meanwhile, here’s a few things I learned on this trip:

I did not see a single mosquito all week long.

Wolf fish may well be the easiest fish on the planet to catch.

There’s a direct relationship between the length of time you handle a piranha and the likelihood of severe consequences.

Monkeys do not taste like chicken.

Wire leaders all day long. That should be in a song.

I know of one Brazilian charter pilot who can plug in his headphones and watch a soap opera on one phone, check Facebook on a second phone, all while flying the plane.

You have no control over when you wake up, the howler monkeys decide that.

After a Kayapo young man marries, out of respect, he does not ever again speak to his bride’s parents. Hmmm, maybe they’re on to something.

Licking the backs of frogs turned out to not be a suitable alternative for alcohol.”

Thanks for sharing your stories, Tim!

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