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COVID-19: Country Reopening Updates

January 21, 2022

UPDATED: January 22nd, 2022

As angling destinations around the world begin to reopen, we are updating our programs on a daily basis. Here is an updated list of current and expected openings.

IMPORTANT: dates and parameters can change so please Contact Yellow Dog for the latest angling travel information!


Idaho: Open and fishing.

Wyoming: Open and fishing.

Montana: Open and fishing.

Louisiana: Open and fishing.

Alaska: The Land of the Midnight Sun is fully open, and we are just wrapping up an incredible 2021 summer season. The lodges operated from start to finish this summer in sold-out capacities, and availability for quality lodge and outfitting operations has been at an all-time high. No testing or quarantine requirements were in place for the 2021 summer, and we don’t expect that this will change for next season. We can tell you that the summer season for 2022 is already filling quickly, so if you have any plans to fish in Alaska NEXT season, you need to book now.

Hawaii: Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, travelers arriving in Hawaii from out-of-state will have the option to get a valid COVID-19 test prior to their arrival and show proof of a negative test result, to avoid the 14-day quarantine. Evidence of a negative test result must be provided upon arrival in Hawaii.


Canada: The US/Canadian border has opened to fully vaccinated travelers entering the country. All travelers to Canada must submit proof of full vaccination via the ArriveCAN app. In addition, all travelers must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test, taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival. 

Mexico: The Yucatan and the Baja Peninsula are open to international tourists. No testing is required for entrance. This is hands-down one of the most open and easily accessible travel options for the near future!           


Belize: Since Belize’s re-opening in October 2020, we have continued to see a steady flow of international travelers, with many Yellow Dog travelers returning with very successful fishing reports from throughout the region. Belize has also continued to take consistent and effective steps in protecting locals and travelers alike from COVID-19 with mask use, social distancing, temperature monitoring, and evening curfews. The country is also continuing to see a rise in vaccinations. As of August 9, 2021, Belize is requiring all international tourists to have a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 96 hours of travel or a negative result from any approved Antigen Rapid Test taken within 48 hours of travel. The country is also still requiring all international travelers stay at a certified “Gold Standard” hotel, lodge, or resort. Beginning September 1, vaccinations will be required for all Turneffe Flats guests. Exceptions will be available on a case-by-case basis for those not eligible for a vaccination.

Honduras: Open and fishing. There is a precheck questionnaire required in addition to the proof of a negative test before entry. If you have a vaccine card, it can be used in lieu of a negative test result.

Guatemala: Starting January 10th, Guatemala requires all passengers arriving into the country to be fully vaccinated AND have a negative covid test (PCR or Antigen) within 72 hours of arrival. Fully vaccinated means you have had both of your Moderna/Pfizer shots or your one Johnson & Johnson shot at least 2 weeks prior to arrival and have proof of your vaccinations. See below for more details:

Effective January 10, 2022, passengers who are neither Guatemalan citizens nor Guatemalan residents will be required to present both of the following:

  • For all travelers aged 12 and over: Evidence of receiving a complete two-dose COVID-19 vaccination course (or one dose for Johnson & Johnson), with the final dose being administered at least two weeks before beginning your trip to Guatemala; and
  • For all travelers aged 10 and over: Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test from a certified lab conducted no more than three (3) days prior to check in at the airport or arrival at the land border.

You can find more details on the Guatemalan Embassy website HERE.
Costa Rica: A fantastic family destination for its jungles and eco-tour opportunities, Costa Rica is open to all travelers regardless of vaccination status. Travelers are required to complete a Health Pass digital (on-line) form prior to arrival into the country. Depending on your vaccination status, you may or may not be required to purchase a health insurance policy provided by a number of different Costa Rican insurance companies that cover you while in-country.


Bahamas: Open and fishing.

Vaccinated Travelers:
You must obtain a negative PCR Test no more than three (3) days prior to arrival to your final destination in the Bahamas.

Unvaccinated Travelers:
You must obtain a negative PCR Test no more than three (3) days prior to arrival to your final destination in the Bahamas.

Please Note
If you are arriving into Nassau, Bahamas prior to travel to any out-island, your negative test result must be valid no more than 5 days prior to arrival to your final destination in the Bahamas.

Health Visa Process
All travelers are required to obtain a Bahamas Travel Health Visa prior to entry into the Bahamas. You will not be able to complete this process until you have received your negative COVID-19 test prior to travel. To obtain your visa, you need to do the following:

Create a profile on the Bahamas Health Visa portal, uploading personal information, a photocopy of your passport, and vaccination information if applicable. Click here to begin the process.

Obtain a negative COVID-19 test no more than five days prior to arrival to your final destination in the Bahamas
Vaccinated travelers can obtain either a PCR test OR a Rapid Antigen test (taken no more than days prior to entry into the Bahamas)
Unvaccinated travelers must obtain a PCR test (taken no more than 5 days prior to entry into the Bahamas)

Create a trip in the health visa portal, which includes the following: • Travel dates
• Negative Covid test result/certification
• Mandatory Health Insurance coverage

Approval typically takes 24-48 hours after final submission
Cuba: As of January 5th,  2022 all travelers are obligated to obtain a negative PCR Test result within 72 hours of your trip departure in addition to your vaccination card. Also, once test results are obtained, you are required to complete an online health form and obtain a QR code that you will need to present upon arrival into the country. If you are unvaccinated, you will be required to quarantine – as such we do not recommend travel to Cuba if you are unvaccinated.
Argentina: Reopening to international tourism on November 1st, 2021!

  • Proof of vaccination against COVID-19
  • Proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of traveling
  • A second test between 5 – 7 days of arrival in Argentina
    • Lodge operators will coordinate this test on your behalf
    • This test can also satisfy the US requirement for re-entry  
  • **Non-vaccinated travelers can enter the country but must quarantine, and take a test on the 7th day**

Chile: Chile has officially announced that it will be opening its borders with no quarantine beginning November 1. Chile has one of the highest vaccination rates of any country in the world, and we are excited to hear that the upcoming 2021/2022 season will be happening in its entirety! After almost two years of rest, we expect the fishing to be fantastic, and our partners are looking forward to welcoming anglers back to Chilean Patagonia. Incoming international travelers are required to present proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 PCR test, taken no more than 72 hours before departure. Travelers will also need to complete an Affidavit for Travelers and have health insurance.

Bolivia: Bolivia is open and we have had travelers enter and exit the country with ease since May of 2021. To enter the country, you need to meet four requirements:

  1. A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of flying
  2. 10-day isolation period (all of our Tsimane lodge fishing packages meet this requirement)
  3. Proof of medical insurance if you were to get COVID while in Bolivia (there are policies available for under $30 that satisfy this requirement).
  4. Completion of a signed statement saying that you have not been exposed to CV-19 (supplied by airline upon entry)

Brazil: Brazil is open and we have had travelers enter and exit the country with ease. To enter the country, you need to show a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of commencing travel, and you must fill out a “Travelers Health Declaration (DSV)” confirming that you have not been recently exposed to CV-19.

Guyana: The Government of Guyana announced an update of the COVID-19 measures on August 9, 2021. All adult passengers traveling to Guyana must show proof of vaccination (at least one dose) and a negative Covid PCR test. Travelers must also complete a passenger locator form in order to contact travelers in case of infection.

Uruguay: Open and fishing

  • Proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of traveling
  • A second test between 5 – 7 days of arrival in Uruguay
    • Lodge operators will coordinate this test on your behalf
    • This test can also satisfy the US requirement for re-entry  
  • **Non-vaccinated travelers can enter the country but must quarantine, and take a test on the 7th day**


Christmas Island: (Updated January 4th, 2022) The Kiribati government is planning to open in January; however, Fiji Air is not currently offering flights until April 5th travel dates. In addition, the entry requirements are unclear at this time. 


Seychelles: The Seychelles are currently open and entry is allowed for visitors from all countries (with a few exceptions). You must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test done within 72 hours of departure from your home airport, and visitors must complete the online Health Travel Authorization form prior to arrival. Pretty easy and actually fairly quick! All six of the out-island fishing operations in the Seychelles will operate this coming season, and we expect that things on the out-islands will be fairly normal and very smooth. Things are incredibly booked up for the next several years, so any plans for a Seychelles fishing trip need to happen early.
Tanzania: Currently open for entry. Our tigerfishing operations in Tanzania are planning to run and operate their fall schedules beginning in October of 2021. Emirates and other regional airlines have resumed services to Tanzania. All Travelers are required to present a negative PCR test conducted within 72 hours before arrival to Tanzania. Tanzania also requires a rapid test upon arrival for all travelers. This test will be facilitated at the airport at the cost of $25 per traveler. This typically takes about 10 minutes for the results to come in.

Dubai: All passengers traveling to Dubai from any point of origin must hold a negative COVID‑19 RT‑PCR test certificate for a test taken no more than 72 hours before departure. You may need to take another COVID‑19 PCR test on arrival. If you take a test at the airport, you must remain in your hotel or residence until you receive the test result.

St. Brandon’s Atoll: While Mauritius opened to foreigners and tourists on October 1, the remote out-island location of St. Brandon’s Atoll has not re-opened. The operators of the St. Brandon’s fishing location made the call to cancel the fall 2021 season, but we fully expect that the spring 2022 season will happen.


Iceland: Iceland is winding down from a great summer season and is already booking for the 2022 summer season. The country is open to international travel with proof of vaccination or travelers who’ve had the COVID virus previously. A negative COVID test is currently required at the end of your stay for re-entry back into the US. Currently, Iceland is only open to fully vaccinated travelers. In addition, a negative Covid-19 test, taken no more than 72 hours prior to departure, is required to enter the country.


Kamchatka: Russia has reopened its borders for international travel. Yakutia Airlines, which flies from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, will resume service with 8-to-10 weekly flights for the 2022 summer. Tickets plan to be available for sale this November. In addition, Russia is now processing visas for U.S. citizens. At Yellow Dog, we are here to help aid our clients with this process. With the return of flights and processing of visas, the 2022 Kamchatka fly fishing season is officially on. If you’re interested in booking a Kamchatka fly fishing trip for 2022, availability will be tight due to roll-over trip dates. 


Mongolia: The government of Mongolia announced that the country would reopen for international travel for all travelers on July 1, 2021. Be aware that commercial transportation to and from Mongolia has been cut back and is difficult. All travelers are required to present a negative COVID-19 test that should be performed within 72 hours of arrival in Mongolia. In addition, travelers arriving in Mongolia are also currently required to submit to PCR testing upon arrival at Ulaanbaatar’s international airport. The 2021 summer and fall season has been canceled by our outfitters, and we are now looking ahead to and booking the 2022 season.


New Zealand: New Zealand remains closed at the present time. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced in August of 2021 that New Zealand will open its doors to vaccinated travelers from low-risk countries beginning in early 2022. The government has not yet confirmed which countries which be classified as low, medium or high risk, but this is a major step in a positive direction for angling travel in 2022! Stay tuned for more updates, as we do expect that a late-season 2022 fishing window will happen. We are anticipating that the 2023 season will be fully open to vaccinated travelers and we are currently booking the 2023 season with all lodges.

Australia: Australia remains closed to all outside travelers at this point, although we are hearing that there is likely to be a path for entry by mid-2022. When Australia does open, it will likely be to outside travelers who are fully vaccinated.

Cook Islands: We recently found out that most of the population on the Cook Islands is fully vaccinated. The Cook Islands have no set date to reopen at this stage, and will most likely follow travel protocols of New Zealand for opening to outside travelers that are fully vaccinated sometime in late 2022 or early 2023.


Oman: Travelers with a valid visa are allowed to enter the Sultanate without prior approval. All travelers coming to the Sultanate are required to present a medical certificate with proof of vaccination. All travelers coming to the Sultanate on long international flights (with a period of no less than 8 hours) with a pre-travel negative PCR test (within 96 hours) are exempt from quarantine as well as travelers on shorter flights with a negative COVID-19 PCR test.



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