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Fishing with Phillip Rolle of North Andros Flyfishing Lodge

We received a great client report from a first ever Bonefish on a fly at Andros North. The guides at North Andros Fly Fishing are some of the best in the business, and their talents–combined with long days on the water and direct access to some of the most productive flats in the entire region–make this an incredible fishing-focused option. Phillip Rolle and his experienced guide staff are among the finest guides on Andros, concentrating primarily on the expansive Joulter Cayes fishing grounds located on the northern part of the island. Lodging with North Andros Flyfishing is in a small, comfortable guest house ideally arranged for groups of four to six anglers.

 I just wanted to take time to report on my first fly rod bonefish trip to the Bahamas. I recently travelled to North Andros Island to fly rod for bonefish in the Joulters Cays March 5-9. I fished with Phillip Rolle at North Andros fly-fishing. I was absolutely stunned at the beauty of the water and the wildlife in the areas we fished. Phillip was extremely professional and knew the area so well you would have thought you were fishing in “his back yard”. In order to be successful at the Joulters you not only need to understand fly fishing (Rod, reel, line and flies) you need to understand tide, wind and moon phase. Certain flats fish best at certain times of the day, coupled with the incoming or outgoing tide.

 Phillip was very focused and constantly” on the hunt for bonefish”. We stalked bones on the flats as well as fished schooling bones in deeper water. Phillip always positioned me for the best casting position and selected the right flies to get the job done. He was a master with the boat and always made sure my safety came first. The staff at North Andros was wonderful and the food and lodging was first rate. I will definitely be going back next year.

– Jim

BTW: Doug needless to say yourself and everyone at Yellow Dog were top notch. 

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