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June 6, 2016


In the second part of our gear-centric series, the remainder of the Yellow Dog team shares what five things they would never leave home without.

Shaun Lawson, Canada and Mexico Program Director
1. Gerber tool
2. 8-wt. fly rod
3. Renegade
4. Spool of 2x tippet
5. Pepto tablets

Kimberly Franke, Travel Coordinator and Insurance Specialist
Do people count as items? Always bring family or friends on adventures!

John Hudgens, South America Program Director
1. My glasses and contacts: I’m nearly blind so that’s mandatory equipment.
2. Copenhagen (especially when you are traveling out of the country): I’m a fishing guide; what do you expect?
3. Winston rods and Hatch reels loaded with Airflow lines: great products made by great people.
4. My hats: I travel with a pile of them.
5. Small fly-tying kit: I like to learn what the guides fish and then tie that.

Jen Norris, Office Pro and Bahamas, Mexico, U.S. and Canada Program Admin Support Specialist
1. Good book (and crossword puzzles- great for passing the airport time)
2. Camera
3. Chapstick (my lips are severely addicted and wouldn’t last a day without it)
4. Travel journal
5. A positive, go-with-the-flow attitude

Jim Klug, Founder and Director of Operations
1. A camera, obviously
2. A sat phone if I’m anywhere exotic or off the grid
3. A great pair of sunglasses
4. Music
5. A great book

Jake Wells, U.S. West Program Director
1. Fishing license
2. Sunglass cleaning kit
3. Spare set of keys to my truck
4. Cell phone charger
5. Advil

Jess McGlothlin, Social Media / Blog Manager and freelance photographer / writer
1. The obvious: a camera and good lens
2. Passport and copies hidden in various pieces of luggage, as well as in cloud storage
3. Notepad and a couple good pens. Handy for taking notes for further stories and details for photo captions.
4. Compact but comprehensive first-aid kit. Stuff happens.
5. Quality sunglasses — and a backup pair.

Jenna Joki, Office All-Arounder
1. Sunglasses: even though I normally end up not wearing them
2. Some sort of camera: whether it be my phone, my Canon, or a disposable from the gas station
3. Chapstick: it has wonderful healing powers and can completely change my mood
4. Positive outlook: if something goes wrong, it could always be worse
5. Socks: because I can’t sleep without them

Chris Overman, Day Trip Specialist
1. An open mind
2. Expectation of adventure
3. Great music playlist
4. Notebook & writing utensil
5. Wallet (if lost, everything is replaceable)



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