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April 10, 2017


Yellow Dog Travel Coordinator and Insurance Specialist Kimberly Franke notes,“When we talk through travel insurance and medical evacuation options with our clients most of the time they have never had a reason to purchase one or the other, and we are taking the time to determine what is going to be the best option for them. With our experience of the destinations we can give advice on trip details they may not have put into consideration, including but not limited to; complex or expensive travel logistics getting to the destination, poor infrastructure at the destination, remote nature of the destination, and the cancellation terms of the lodge. A trip to the Bahamas is a different investment than a trip to the Seychelles, and both offer their own unique travel logistics.”

For medical evacuation insurance, we look to Global Rescue. The Global Rescue team is always meeting and exceeding traveler’s needs — that’s why the Yellow Dog team relies on Global Rescue for our medical evacuation insurance whenever we travel. A few weeks ago, we explored Global Rescue’s new Mobile App, showcasing the ease of this new tool. (We especially like the destination reports and event alerts feature.)

Looking for medical evac membership? Kimberly says, ““It can be surprising for some folks to learn that a medical evacuation membership is not as expensive as one may think, and depending on the destination, it can be well worth the investment to obtain one. When we make recommendations for memberships we aren’t just looking at the infrastructure of the destination to the location you are traveling to, but the medical care facilities available in the area, and estimated out-of-pocket costs associated with getting you home in the event of an emergency. Though most travelers have access to health insurance coverage, a lot of the times these policies do not cover personal travel, and out of state/country emergency evacuations. Though not fun to talk about, transportation of mortal remains is another service included in this coverage – a massive stressor to those left behind. The cost associated with a membership can ease the minds of those you are leaving at home when you travel, in more than one way.”

Old fort in Havana, Cuba.

Read more about our insurance options here:

• Travel Guard travel insurance
• Yellow Dog Global Rescue landing page

Most of us think of travel medical insurance only for far-flung destinations and places far removed from civilization. It’s also a good idea for areas that may be lacking in inherent medical facilities — such as Cuba, India, and Russia.

Questions? Random thoughts? Contact Yellow Dog Travel Coordinator and Insurance Specialist Kimberly Franke at 888-777-5060 or email her at kimberly [at] yellowdogflyfishing [dot] com.

Ice and mojitos in Havana, Cuba.Che street art in Havana, Cuba.
Bonefish being released underwater in Cuba.


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