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If You Wait to Book Your Alaska Trip, Chances Are You Won’t Go in 2022

November 21, 2021

When the world came to a screeching halt in March of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the foreseeable future immediately became tainted for global angling travelers. While a large portion of the world was closed to non-essential travel, the product market (think retail) skyrocketed. From boat and RV sales to new camping and hunting equipment, people flocked to the outdoors. Fast forward to today, with relaxed travel restrictions worldwide, and in the United States, consumers have shifted their spending from products to experiences. These experiences are as simple as enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant to wading the flats of Belize for bonefish. With many having to take a backseat and reassess their traveling plans in 2020, the global demand for travel and experiences catapulted. It’s the old saying, “you want what you can’t have.” 

As we discussed in our recent article, What Fly Fishing Travel Looks Like for the Foreseeable Future, much like the current product market, there is currently a shortage of availability in numerous destinations. Why? It’s mainly due to roll-over trip dates and the overall global demand for travel.

One of these destinations, which is notoriously popular with fly fishing travelers for a good reason, is Alaska. If you’re interested in traveling and fishing in Alaska in 2022, we cannot stress enough the importance of booking your trip now. This is not a sales pitch, but it is the current reality. You can always call Yellow Dog to see if we have any last-minute availability, but your chances, if you try to book Alaska late, will most likely be slim. This also goes for numerous other destinations such as the U.S. West, Kamchatka, Iceland, and Patagonia. 

The further you can book your trip, especially in today’s world, the better chance you have to select the best dates, guides, and travel options. 



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