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July 29 Javohn Update: Home in Belize with Future Monitoring

July 29, 2019
Thank you to the many Yellow Dog friends, clients and family that stepped up this past month to support the GoFundMe campaign for Javohn Garbutt, the 8-year old son of legendary Belizean guide Scully Garbutt. The donations and support have been nothing short of amazing. 
Javohn was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, which necessitated immediate treatment and surgery at Colorado Children’s Hospital in Denver. The surgery was not only difficult, but it was also extremely expensive, and the hospital required $180,000.00 for the procedure.
The absolutely incredible thing was that the fly fishing community stepped up to help Javohn and his family, and to date, more than $127,000.00 of the $180,000.00 needed has been raised through a GoFundMe site. More than 750 individuals contributed and are still contributing. The outpouring of support for the Garbutt family has been incredible, and we are now that much closer to reaching the campaign’s goal.
The surgery and the removal of Javohn’s brain tumor involved a major procedure, but overall tings went very well. Post-op tests, however, have determined that Javohn’s tumor is a rare form of cancer, and monitoring and treatment will continue. For now, the good news is that the doctors feel confident about the fact that they removed the entire tumor. After several weeks in Denver, the Garbutts have now returned to their home in Punta Gorda, Belize and they will continue to monitor Javohn’s situation through frequent MRI’s in Belize City while continuing to consult with the doctors in Denver. If there is any reoccurrence of the tumor, then plans may change, and there is the possibility that chemo and radiation treatment may be needed in the future. Please continue to send your thoughts, prayers and support to Javohn and his family, as the process has been extended. The goal is to help the family and most importantly get Javohn happy and healthy again!

We still have a way to assist the Garbutt family as they continue life beyond the surgery and the current diagnosis, and we would of course encourage all who can to help in any way to contribute on any level. The link for the GoFundMe page is below.



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