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Kamchatka Summer Discounted Trip Packages

Russia: Fly Fish For Kamchatka’s Huge Rainbow Trout on a Discounted Rate

What: If you have ever dreamed of fishing some of the most remote, untouched waters on earth for large, surface-feeding native rainbow trout, then these hosted trips should be on your list. Yellow Dog’s Jim Klug, Bessie Hudgens, and Tom Melvin are headed to fish for some of the world’s largest rainbow trout. Join them.

While many of the rivers of the Kamchatkan Peninsula offer great fishing, there are a handful of fisheries where anglers will feel as if they were the first person to ever fish there. The Zhupanova River is one of these places – a destination that will leave visiting anglers awe-struck with just how remote Kamchatka is and just how exciting it is to fish for these rambunctious and hungry rainbows.

With some of the last remaining availability for the 2019 summer season, Yellow Dog has the ability to reduce the rate for any angler able to make this unique cross-Pacific trip.

When:  Summer 2019. See specific dates under Where


Upper Zhupanova River Float Trip

July 31 – August 7, 2019. Hosted by Bessie Hudgens of Yellow Dog.

August 21 – 28, 2019. Hosted by Tom Melvin of Yellow Dog.

Zendzur Lodge on the Zhupanova

August 21 – 28, 2019. Hosted by Jim Klug.

Why: The peninsula has more landmass than California, yet only one passable road into the interior. The west coast and all of the northern regions remain roadless and totally inaccessible except by helicopter. Kamchatka is still a completely wild place, and while most Kamchatka fly fishing operations can deliver a fairly pristine and remote wilderness fishing experience, there are definitely some operations that are more remote, wilder, and more productive than others. These trips on the Zhupanova, a river known as home to what is arguably the largest rainbow trout in the world, fit this bill. With fish reaching lengths of 35 inches and weights of over 10 pounds, anglers have the opportunity to hook the biggest trout of their lives during a single week of fishing in perhaps one of the most remote angling destinations on earth.

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