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#KickPlastic! Fly Fishing Industry and Costa Sunglasses Team Up to Kick Plastic

October 15, 2019

As the fly fishing industry comes together in Denver this week for our annual fly fishing show and professional gathering, International Fly Tackle Dealer, Costa and AFFTA (the American Fly Fishing Trade Association) are teaming up to #kickplastic. 

We’re proud that the world’s largest gathering of the fly fishing industry is leading by example when it comes to protecting our environment and oceans – not just saying “kick plastic,” but actually doing it.

In a strong show of industry solidarity for the #kickplastic movement, AFFTA has partnered with Costa and formed a Kick Plastic Coalition to make IFTD a single-use plastic-free show and reduce its energy-use footprint as well. On average every American throws away 270 pounds of plastic each year, contributing to the approximately 8.8 million tons of plastic that’s finding its way into our oceans each year. That is an obscene amount of pollution that we, as a country, should absolutely be pulling the reins on.

> While we urge everyone to bring their own reusable water bottle, each attendee will also be given their own reusable Kick Plastic water bottle and will be able to take advantage of refilling stations at a number of booths throughout the show floor provided by our Costa Kick Plastic Coalition, which includes YETISimmsYellow Dog Fly Fishing AdventuresCaptains for Clean WaterRepYourWaterG LoomisSweetWater Brewing and others.

The Industry Breakfast, sponsored by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, will use washable dishes, glassware, linens and utensils instead of paper or plastic goods, generating zero-waste aside from compostable food scraps.

> Plateseating utensils and cups from concessions on the show floor will also all be recyclable or compostable, and there will be no single-serve condiment packets in use either.

A panel discussion, moderated by Lia Collabello of Costa – How the industry is stepping up to #kickplastic – is being held on Wednesday 9/16 at 10:30 am

> At the Party on the Pond, thanks to SweetWater Brewing, we’re moving from kegs & cups to cans of Guide Beer, making it a 100% recyclable event.

At check-in, all attendees will be receiving a reusable pink lanyard to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month along with a durable, recycled paper badge, both courtesy of Simms and Casting for Recovery.

Additionally, there are ways we can also limit our energy consumption as well:

We’re encouraging everyone who is flying into Denver to take advantage of the convenient, inexpensive train ride from the airport to downtown. It only costs about $10-bucks and get’s you downtown in 30-minutes — 15-20-minutes faster and 75% cheaper than an Uber or cab. You’ll help minimize the number of vehicles on the road (and thus unnecessary emissions), completely avoid traffic, get downtown much faster and save money.

> And to help reduce our energy consumption, we’re leveraging the LEED Gold standard of the Denver Convention Center and strategically scheduling lighting and air conditioning for show hours, providing a comfortable, welcoming space while avoiding the waste of maintaining it during unoccupied hours.

> We have eliminated carpeting in the aisles which decreases the use of forklift emissions, keeps thousands of yards of material out of the landfill, and are working closely with exhibitors on reducing packing materials for the same reason.

> Likewise there will be no PVC or vinyl signage. All signs will be on ecoboard or honeycomb cardboard with soy ink printing.

We look forward to the entire industry coming together and doing its part to #kickplastic!


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