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April 24, 2017


As anglers, we tend to watch the weather forecast like hawks. When’s the next cold front coming through? What’s the prediction for wind? And should we pack the rain gear… or maybe an extra thermos of hot coffee if the afternoon is going to get a bit chilly?

Late last month, four college friends decided to book a trip with the Dogwood Lodge and spend part of their spring break fishing the expansive Biloxi marsh in southeast Louisiana. Even though March is historically a high-risk time to fish in Louisiana due to volatile weather conditions, Willis, Gray, Ben and Blake decided to “forget the forecast” and go anyway.

Black drum caught at Dogwood Lodge in Louisiana.Fish caught at Dogwood Lodge in Louisiana.

They were rewarded with three days of nearly ideal conditions, the flats all to themselves, and bent rods all day long on redfish, black drum, jacks, and more!

Just goes to show that there’s nothing you can do about the weather, so you might as well not even worry about it…and just go! Because you can’t catch fish sitting from your couch.

Friends fishing and staying at Dogwood Lodge in Louisiana.

Curious about Dogwood Lodge? Located just on the edge of the Biloxi Marsh, the new Dogwood is a historical vessel that was originally built for the U.S. Coast Guard as buoy tender on the upper Mississippi River. It was later purchased by a cruise company and converted into a multi-day vessel for river cruises. Staying on the vessel while being guided by some of the best redfish guides in Louisiana will equate to a complete Louisiana low country fishing experience!

Boat lodging with Dogwood Lodge in Louisiana.Lousiana food at Dogwood Lodge in Louisiana.

You will literally be able to step right off the vessel and onto your guide’s skiff to start your day on the water! This trip is all about trading scenes of the big city for scenes of shrimp boats, alligators, and the low country landscape of the Louisiana marsh. And while stunning copper-colored redfish will be your target species, you’ll also have opportunities to catch sheepshead, black drum, jacks, and alligator gar. It is truly a year-round fisherman’s paradise.

Does Louisiana sound like a pretty awesome getaway?
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Boat lodging with Dogwood Lodge in Louisiana.
New Orleans, Louisiana, street scene.Interior shot at Dogwood Lodge in Louisiana.
Releasing a redfish while fly fishing Dogwood Lodge in Louisiana.


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