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New Zealand Announces End of Covid Restrictions!

September 14, 2022

Updated September 14, 2022

The Prime Minister of New Zealand recently announced the end of almost all Covid-19 restrictions. The announcement included the official removal of all vaccination requirements for inbound travelers, making travel to New Zealand the easiest it has been since before March 2020.

Yellow Dog currently has decent availability from our lodge partners in New Zealand for the upcoming 2023 fishing season. Summer under the Southern Cross spans from November to April and each month presents new and different opportunities and challenges to anglers who travel here to experience New Zealand’s legendary backcountry fisheries.

New Zealand has officially announced that it will be opening its borders to foreign tourists (and anglers!) by July of 2022. We are excited that in the months ahead, vaccinated travelers who can normally enter New Zealand without a visa will once again be able to do so. With more than two years of rest, we are extremely excited to get back on the water, and we trust that the coming season will be one to remember. With 94% of the New Zealand population fully vaccinated (and 92% of those over 18 now eligible for a booster by the end of February) the country has made the decision to shift gears with its COVID-19 response to focus on reconnection and recovery.

Entry requirement details will be updated as soon as we have more information from our friends down south. We expect a rush of New Zealand bookings in the weeks and months ahead, and we highly suggest that you start your New Zealand trip planning sooner than normal. Yellow Dog is here to answer any questions and assist with travel logistics. We have strong lodge and guide availability for New Zealand between November and December of 2022, and again in mid-March of 2023.





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