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October 3, 2015


Hurricane Joaquin, a Category 4 storm, battered the southern Out Islands on Friday, hitting Crooked Island, Long Island, Acklins Island and others. Deadman’s Cay is completely submerged. According to a report from “Numerous unconfirmed deaths were reported by satellite phone from survivors on the ground, but communications are sporadic as many of the islands are without power and residents are attempting to conserve sat phone batteries . . . some pipes have burst and many residents do not have access to clean water.”

It is too early to assess the full scope of damage across the islands, but roofs are ripped off homes, utility poles are knocked down and trees, uprooted. The El Faro, a cargo ship carrying 33 crew members, sent out a distress signal near the eye of the storm and then went missing. The ship is still off-the-radar and a major search is underway. The storm is heading toward Bermuda, retaining strength.

Yellow Dog will gather as much info as possible from our Bahamas colleagues and report back on how to best help. We work with several lodges on these islands, including Crooked Island Lodge, Stella Maris Resort, Deadman’s Cay Lodge and Acklins Island Lodge. Yellow Dog will do everything possible to inform anglers and find ways to provide relief. In the meantime, we send prayers to our dear friends in the Islands and await word of their safety.

Photos: Tribune 242


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