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February 10, 2017


Alaska. The very word conjures up images of wide open country, wilderness, plenty of clean water, healthy fish and wildlife, and adventure. It’s a bucket-list destination for many anglers, and a favorite location of many Yellow Dog team members. But regions like this require our help to stay as pristine as they are. We’ve all heard about the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, but what about Tongass 77?

Our friends at America’s Salmon Forest report:

“Scientists and stakeholders in the region have identified over 70 areas within the Tongass National Forest that are the most important to salmon and trout populations. The rivers and streams that make up these areas are currently open for development activities that could significantly impact salmon and trout habitat. Because they are so important to salmon and trout, we are working to permanently conserve these key areas and the economic gain they bring to the region.

To do so, we’ve called on members of Congress in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to introduce legislation that will permanently make these areas off-limits to harmful development activities while still allowing existing access and uses. We are also working to convince Forest Service leaders that maintaining natural salmon habitat, traditional use and access, and the health and function of fish and wildlife habitat should be high priorities for managing and maintaining the Tongass.

Through these actions we can help ensure Southeast Alaska’s abundant wild salmon return for generations to come and continue to fuel the region’s communities and economy.”

Angler Tom Melvin hooked into a steelhead in southeastern Alaska.

How can you make your voice heard? Complete an easy form to sign onto this letter and let our elected officials and agency decision makers know you support our public lands.

We, the undersigned business owners, guides, outfitters, hunters and anglers, support conserving and maintaining access to our public lands and the fish and wildlife resources they support.

Public lands, and the Tongass National Forest in particular, drive the private-sector economy of Southeast Alaska. The Tongass’ abundant salmon runs, large deer and bear populations, and incredible scenery serve as the foundation for our commercial fishing, outfitter and guide, and tourism industries, which provide more than $2 billion in economic contribution and 25% of all jobs in the region annually.

As individuals that depend on access to abundant natural resources, we believe the Tongass National Forest must continue to be managed by the U.S. Forest Service on a multiple-use basis. We stand together in opposition to any effort to transfer management or ownership of Federal public lands in Southeast Alaska to State or private entities. We likewise oppose any proposals that threaten to unreasonably restrict public access or would harm fish and game populations by eliminating essential federal conservation designations and measures, such as the Tongass 77.

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Boat speeding across water in southeast Alaska.
Fly rods piled up in southeastern Alaska.Steelhead being released in southeastern Alaska.
Small cabin on the water in southeastern Alaska.Dinner served hot and fresh in southeastern Alaska.
Crab in southeastern Alaska.
Sea otter floats off the coast of SE Alaska.


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