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October 16, 2013

 ST. BRANDON’S ATOLL | INDIAN OCEAN 268 nautical miles northeast of Mauritius Main Island

St. Brandon’s Atoll:  [FIVE TIPS] for Wade Fishing for the Biggest Bones in the World


    1. Listen to your guide – They know the behavior of the fish, they know the tides, and their eyes are definitely more adjusted and in-tune than yours are! Remember, they are the pros that you are paying to put you on the fish. They are the experts!
    2. Boots – Heavy-duty high-top wading boots with steel shank bottoms are a must. There are plenty of gnarly, sharp things on these flats, including a few small critters that are absolutely lethal if they somehow manage to sting you!  Cheap, thin neoprene booties or water-socks are a no-no in this fishery!
    3. Rod – Bring a stiff, fast 9-weight rod and a tropical bonefish fly line.  Leave the lighter rods at home.  The wind blows here, so come prepared with the right gear!
    4. Tippet & Leader – Fish twelve- to fifteen-pound tippets and leaders.  These fish are not leader shy, but they are big and fast!  There are also plenty of coral “bommies” (coral heads) that litter the flats and the shallows.  Fish a heavy tippet and you’ll really up the hook-to-land ratio.
    5. Packs – A good waterproof daypack is essential.  You wade EVERYWHERE on the atoll, so be prepared with the right gear in your daypack.  Raincoat, camera, fly boxes, extra tippet and leaders, sunscreen, a water bottle, and snacks are all good things to carry in your wading pack.


Don’t overlook the fact that St Brandon’s is also the most productive Indo-Pacific Permit fishery anywhere in the Indian Ocean! Be prepared with a basic selection of crab flies and a set up specifically for permit. Fifteen to twenty pound leaders and tippets and a fleeing crab pattern is the go-to set-up for permit on St. Brandon’s!




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