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August 3, 2015
Bahamas Bonefish fly fishing skiff poling


 Many of our clients have been carefully following the controversial new fisheries regulations and legislation that has recently been introduced and promoted by the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association (BFFIA). For the record, Yellow Dog flyfishing Adventures was an early member in BFFIA and one of the group’s first industry supporters. Unfortunately, the current board of the BFFIA (who are the primary authors of the dangerous and short-sighted draft legislation now on the table) is no longer representing the best interests of the future of fly fishing in the Bahamas. As a result of the power grab that has taken place on the BFFIA board, Yellow Dog Flyfishing (along with numerous other early members) recently discontinued our membership in the organization and withdrew all support for BFFIA moving forward.  (We would encourage others who care about the future of fly fishing in the Bahamas to do the same.)

The current BFFIA president – with almost no input from others in the industry or in the guide-lodge-outfitting sectors in the Bahamas – has put forth the exclusionary and anti-foreign ideas contained in the draft legislation.  The draft, in its present form, is exclusionary to most of the bonefishing sector, including visitors, clients, lodges, DIY anglers and global travel partners. It is no wonder that the current draft has created unprecedented panic within the Bahamian flats fishing industry and been opposed by almost every tourism group within the Bahamas. It is important to note that many (arguable the majority) of Bahamian guides and lodge owners also adamantly oppose the current draft legislation.

Yellow Dog feels strongly that a legitimate, national industry association for the Bahamas must be inclusive of all industry stakeholders.  The BFFIA has lost trust and respect from the industry and many of its prior members and can no longer function as the voice for fly fishing in the Bahamas.  An industry organization that willingly excludes entire segments of the sector that it is tasked to represent is unfit for the job.

The good news is that the Abaco Fly fishing Guides Association (incorporated in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas since 2009) is STEPPING UP in a big way to oppose the efforts and inside-agenda of BFFIA. The Abaco Fly Fishing Guides Association (AFFGA) is committed to promoting a sustainable tourism product for Bahamian guides by promoting conservation of bonefish and the bonefishing flats while preserving Bahamian jobs, access and a fair playing field for all businesses. THIS IS THE GROUP THAT NEEDS OUR SUPPORT IMMEDIATELY!

The Abaco Fly Fishing Guides Association is asking concerned anglers, affected businesses and passionate flats fishermen to join their Bahamian registered non-profit organization as a supporting member right away!  Each membership will count as a vote of opposition against the BFFIA and empower AFFGA to speak as THE voice for fly fishing in the Bahamas.

The goal is to register as many supportive members THIS WEEK (in the remaining nine days allotted for consultation by the Bahamian Government). All membership dues and donations will be used for legal fees and travel expenses to Nassau as AFFGA moves forward with litigation and action necessitated by the elevated status of the BFFIA.

 If you feel as strongly as we do that BFFIA must be stopped from further destruction of the Bahamian fishery and the fly fishing industry within the Bahamas, please click on the web link below to join AFGA right now.

A one year membership is only $10.00!! but you may donate any amount you wish.


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