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May 16, 2017


Do you love the idea of international — or even national — travel, but worries about the logistics keep you up at night? Are your flights spend worrying about the transfer from the airport to the hotel? Are concerns about the efficacy of your fly selection keeping you up at night?

Our pre-trip materials ensure that you can focus on the more important things — like practicing your double-haul before that tarpon trip, or perfecting your Spanish before hopping on that plane to Cuba. Yellow Dog’s pre-trip material are the best in the business, designed with one simple purpose: to make your trip as pain-free as possible!

Aerial view of tarpon fishing in Mexico with Campeche Tarpon.

We pride ourselves on providing the most detailed, intricate and in-depth trip planning materials in the business. Trust us when we tell you that you’ve NEVER received materials anything like the ones that we send out!

Shaun Lawson with a tarpon caught fly fishing in Mexico with Campeche Tarpon.

When you sign up for a Yellow Dog trip, you will receive a complete trip folder; a comprehensive trip planning folder full of detailed, relevant, and important information pertaining to the specific destination and package that you have booked. We know that the key to a successful trip is pre-trip preparation, and we feel strongly that we do it better than anyone. Some of the information and topics that you can expect to find in our pre-trip packets include:

▪ Detailed gear and equipment lists
▪ Guide-recommended fly patterns
▪ Travel and airline suggestions
▪ Arrival and transfer how-to’s and information
▪ History of the country and area
▪ Packing notes and suggestions
▪ Notes on the area fishery
▪ Species-specific information
▪ How to make the most of your guided experience
▪ Fishing technique information
▪ Health and medical information and updates
▪ Notes on weather and seasonal conditions
▪ Suggestions on gratuities and other useful information

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Tarpon caught while fly fishing in Mexico with Campeche Tarpon.
Aerial view of anglers in boat fishing in Mexico with Campeche Tarpon.Tarpon caught while fishing in Mexico with Campeche Tarpon.
Hatch fly reel fishing for tarpon in Mexico with Campeche Tarpon.


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