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July 24, 2015

Tone has changed for the better

 The new Bahamas fishing regulations and legislation appears to be toned down from the initial proposals that have caused so much controversy over the past two months. This is much welcomed news from the Bahamas! Thank you to all those who took the time to voice their opinions to the Ministry of Tourism and Fisheries and others in the Bahamian government. We can tell you that the collective feedback and the outpouring of comments on this issue truly made a difference. Yellow Dog has been constantly communicating with all those involved with-in the Bahamas over the past several months, and we’ve have been trying to find a middle ground on these important proposals by providing unbiased information and factual economic data to specific fishing organizations, lodge owners, guides, and our contacts within the Bahamian government. Yellow Dog has always promoted a Bahamas guide certification process, fairly priced and full available Bahamas fishing licenses, duty free incentives for guides and lodges, an exclusive for Bahamian guides on motherships, conservation through education and actions that will protect, preserve and enhance the flats fishing resources throughout the Bahamas. These are concepts that will improve all Yellow Dog’s guest experiences and deliver better fishing for everyone that visits the Bahamas. We have also been assured from the Bahamians who wrote the initial proposals that DIY fishing will not be outlawed. Hopefully, they stick to their word! The fishing license might cost more if you are unguided, but DIY options and access will not be threatened. Again, we are excited about the just-released and fully adjusted proposal and look forward to getting back to business in the Bahamas. The people of the Bahamas are some of the most welcoming hosts in the world, and they have an amazing marine resource that needs to be protected. Hopefully, the new regulations will allow us all to enjoy this amazing fishery for generations to come.


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