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Today is A Day For Bristol Bay. Shop and Support Locally to Save This Special Place

August 24, 2019

Today, the fly fishing community is rallying for Bristol Bay.

Fly shops, manufacturers, guides, outfitters, lodges and more industry professionals nationwide have banded together for A Day for Bristol Bay to raise much-needed funding for the Bristol Bay Defense Fund – the front-line group that is going toe-to-toe in D.C. with the foreign mining interests behind the mine.

How do I participate?

Shop at your local participating retailer, support the participating brands, or make a direct donation!

Taking part in A Day for Bristol Bay is easy: 

• Get to your local participating fly shop on August 24th, or visit them online and buy the gear you need (see the list of participating retailers)
• Support the brands who are rallying for Bristol Bay by purchasing their gear (see the list of participating brands)
• Book a day or a week away with a participating guide, outfitter or lodge (see the list of guides, outfitters, lodges)
• Make a direct donation!

All donations will be made to the AFFTA Fisheries Fund and 100% of the proceeds will be sent on behalf of the fly fishing industry to the Bristol Bay Defense Fund.

Many of us have been fighting for over a decade to keep Pebble Mine from devastating Bristol Bay and the fisheries that sustain 14,000 jobs, a $1.5 billion dollar annual economic engine, native communities and a world-class destination to fly fish.

Yellow Dog works directly with these outfitters and lodges whose livelihoods rely directly on a healthy Bristol Bay:

Bristol Bay Lodge

Mission Lodge

Alaska Sportsman’s

No See Um

Kulik Lodge

Western Alaska Sportfishing

Grosvenor Lodge

Brooks Lodge

Enchanted Lake

Intricate Bay Lodge

Bear Trail Lodge

All of these and MANY more lodges and people rely on a healthy fishery.

Shop and show up for Bristol Bay TODAY


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