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July 28, 2016


Yellow Dog team members Jake Wells and Jess McGlothlin just returned from a few days of great fishing with Linehan Outfitting Company along with nearly zero pressure from other anglers on the Kootenai River outside of Libby, Montana. While other freestone rivers throughout the west can reach water temperatures too warm to fish this time of the year, the Kootenai River is massive tailwater river which allows water temperatures to remain constant and the cool throughout the warmest of the mid-summer months. Some of their best dry fly fishing with caddis and PMD mayflies actually doesn’t even start until mid-July and will last well through the rest of the hot summer. And due to its remoteness, the best part of all is that there’s a good chance that you’ll be the only one out on the river!

So, if you’ve fished Montana before and are looking for something completely different and to get away from the crowds, then this is a location you need to explore!

Ready to go fly fishing in Montana? We thought so!
Contact jake [at] yellowdogflyfishing [dot] com (Jake Wells) or call us at 800-777-5060 to help with your next adventure.

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