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Waypoints Podcast: #23 Jim Klug, Ben Bulis, Bryan Gregson: The Impact of Coronavirus on Destination Angling and the Fly Fishing Industry As a Whole

In this April 2020 episode of WAYPOINTS, host Jim Klug and his two guests discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 virus and the world-wide shutdown on fly fishing travel, the international network of lodges, guides and outfitters, and on the fly fishing industry as a whole. Jim is joined on the show by Ben Bulis (president of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association) and Bryan Gregson (legendary fishing photographer and world traveler) for a very open discussion about how this situation has and will change the world of destination angling. Discussions revolve around what businesses and fly fishing operations are doing to survive as well as how lodges, agents and traveling anglers are handling things and behaving. We all know that fly fishing is a small sport and a relatively small industry. But – most of all – it is a small community. The show also highlights some of the things that anglers can be doing to help ensure that the network and infrastructure of lodges and outfitters we all depend on will survive for the future.

Ben Bulis
Ben is president of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association – better known as AFFTA. Ben has been the President and CEO of AFFTA since the spring of 2012, and under his leadership, the association has grown to record levels. A native of New Hampshire, Ben now lives in Bozeman, Montana with his family.

Bryan Gregson
Bryan is a well-known fishing photographer and world traveler. Also based in Bozeman, Bryan travels the globe working on assignments in some of the most remote corners of the planet. Known for his unique vision and storytelling abilities, Bryan is the humbled recipient of numerous awards and his work has been featured in publications and ad campaigns for Patagonia, Volvo, Nat Geo, Yellow Dog, 3M, The Drake and countless other magazines, ads and film projects.



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