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Waypoints Podcast: #24 Andy Mill – Ski Racing, Tarpon Fishing, and the Quest For the Ultimate Sporting Life

May 1, 2020

Andy Mill is a name that is well-known in numerous outdoor circles – from the slopes of the world’s great downhill courses to the tarpon flats of the Florida Keys. Since first hitting the scene as a young downhill ski racer on the US national team in the 1970s, Andy’s life has been full of non-stop adventures and travels. His occupations have included Olympic athlete, broadcaster, author, television host, and – of course, professional angler and tournament legend. In this episode of WAYPOINTS, Andy talks about what it takes to be a successful tarpon angler, his love of travel, how a competitive background in ski racing helped with his saltwater fishing tournament success, the what he sees as the most rewarding aspects of fishing. Andy discusses the importance of supporting guides and outfitters during times of no travel, and also shares some of his game-changing innovations and techniques specific to fly fishing for tarpon. Andy’s reputation for being friendly, approachable, and always willing to share information is on full display throughout this entire episode, and it’s easy to see why he’s become one of the most recognizable and impactful ambassadors for the sport of fly fishing.



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