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Why Wait to Book Your New Zealand Adventure?

Generally speaking, the cold months of winter encourage us to conjure up images of the warmer climes where we yearn to be when our home waters are, quite often, frozen. For some, these images take the form of tiki huts, sandy beaches and a corona (or several) with lime. For others, and especially anglers, such daydreams transport us to wherever we know there is good fishing and sunny weather. And if you are a freshwater angler, then the large brown trout, gin-clear rivers, and jaw-dropping scenery of New Zealand should be heavily featured in these mid-winter fantasies, if they aren’t already.

Even if the cold doesn’t bother you, sometimes the appeal of an adventure to NZ becomes so strong that you impulsively pick up the phone to call Yellow Dog to help you plan the trip you have always wanted to take.  But then you get the devastating news that the two lodges you really had your heart set on are FULL! The thought of waiting another year to experience this trophy trout haven is positively unbearable! Now what?

New Zealand

Now you press rewind. You rewind to today, when you should be starting to think about what you want to do from November 2018 to April 2019, so that you can avoid disappointment down the road. If there is anything we can tell you from our experience with the great lodges in New Zealand is that they are mostly all small (most sleep no more than 8 guests at one time) and they are incredibly popular and fill up quickly–especially over prime flyfishing dates! If you’ve been pondering that bucket list trip to New Zealand, the time to start planning is now. That way, you can be assured that your dates will work with availability at all of your top-choice lodges.

And if your pulse quickened just by reading this and looking at the pictures of fish caught by Yellow Dog clients in the last year, then you should probably pick up the phone to learn more about what kind of experience Yellow Dog can set up for you in New Zealand. Right now, the possibilities are endless!

Please contact us at 888-777-5060 or bessie [at] yellowdogflyfishing [dot] com (Bessie Hudgens) for more information! 

New Zealand


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