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November 17, 2015


The intersection of traditional media and the fly-fishing world is an interesting one, and we always get a kick out of seeing our destinations featured in the mainstream press. Author Chris Santella has written about two of our lodges — Belcampo Lodge in Belize and Cedar Lodge in New Zealand — for The Washington Post.

Chris focused largely on the agri-tourism movement at Belcampo, writing about his experience “snorkeling with the chef,” learning how chocolate is made, and the extensive gardens on-site. While much of his experience revolved around the cultural experience and the food, he didn’t leave out the fishing:

“After a few days of glimpsing the Caribbean from the deck of our suite, I could no longer resist the clarion call of the shallow water flats and their denizen — the permit. For fly anglers, permit are the holy grail of the light tackle sport fish of the Caribbean. Their broad body, large round eyes and blunt face make them unmistakable. Permits’ aerodynamics give them tremendous strength; specimens, which can run from five to 40 pounds and heavier, have been known to rip 150 yards of line out in their first run. Permit are renowned as the spookiest creatures of the flats; to catch one on a fly, you have to do many things right: cast a heavy fly 40 or 50 feet, often into whipping winds; mimic the halting gait of a crab with your retrieve; and play a very strong fish on light line around coral heads that wait to part you from your prize.”

Chris’ piece on Cedar Lodge covered the entire experience—everything from breakfast croissants featuring local ingredients to helicopter etiquette. He crafts a story that has the reader anticipating the moment-by-moment angling on New Zealand’s crystal-clear streams:

“‘I like that one,’ he said. Seconds later, a large spotted head popped out of the water and engulfed my beetle fly. I lifted the rod and was connected to a feisty brown trout. My fly rod bent double and line peeled off my reel as the fish tore about, leaping clear of the water twice before coming to Paul’s net. It was a thing of beauty — buttery golden skin, dotted with fine black and silver spots. Paul gently removed the fly, revived the fish by holding it by the tail in the current, and let go. The fish beat a hasty retreat, soon blending with the river’s rocky substrate. We shook hands and continued walking upstream, searching for the next fish.”

Read up on the Cedar Lodge experience here

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