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“Back On The Water” Promotion

Risk-Free Reservations for 2020/2021 for 70+ Lodges!

Now is your chance to book your next trip with the confidence that your reservations and your trip payments will be protected against future Covid-19 cancellations and uncertainties!

As it has always been, the safety and security of our clients and traveling anglers remain Yellow Dog’s highest priority. We are doing everything we can to ensure your travel safety and provide maximum flexibility as countries begin re-opening and the Covid-19 situation continues to change. To ease the uncertainty about future Covid-19 travel and fishing plans, we are introducing a new level of protection for your destination angling investments in the months ahead: special terms with reduced deposits and more flexible cancellation policies!

At the present time, we know three things to be absolutely true:

  1. After a long period of uncertainty, frustration, and “sheltering in place,” many anglers need to fish or – at the very least – need to begin the trip planning process for the future.
  2. The destination angling community – the lodges, guides, outfitters, and operators all throughout the world – need bookings and reservations moving forward. The promise of future business is essential not only to survive but also to support their employees and their communities.
  3. This pandemic will pass, and when it does, anglers will be eager to get back on the water to make up for the lost time. Availability, prime weeks, and the best guides will be at a premium, and reservations for future openings are going to be in high demand. Factor that in with well-rested waters and months of no fishing, and the reasons for booking sooner rather than later are strong.

To address these realities and inspire your future adventures, we are pleased to introduce a new Yellow Dog promotion effective for the remainder of 2020 – a way to plan, book and reserve future fishing adventures with minimal risk and maximum protection for your trip deposits and payments.

Here’s how this special offer will work

  1. Contact Yellow Dog today to plan, select and reserve your 2020 or 2021 dates and locations for future travel with participating lodges and outfitters (see list below). This ensures prime availability, great guides and the best overall options.
  2. For future 2020 and 2021 trips that are booked now through December 31, 2020, a 25% trip deposit is all that’s required to save your dates and make a reservation (instead of the traditional 50% deposit).
  3. Keep your money in your pocket longer. Final trip payment will be due 60 days from the start of the trip (instead of 90 days).
  4. ALL OF YOUR PAYMENTS will be held by Yellow Dog until 30 days prior to the start of your trip, at which point payments will be sent to the lodge or outfitter.
  5. If you need to cancel your trip for any Covid-19-related reason (see list below), we’ll refund 100% of your trip payments as long as you cancel outside of 30 days from the start date of the trip.
  6. For trips cancelled for Covid-19-related reasons inside of 30 days, the lodge or outfitter will offer a full, 100% trip credit valid for one year from the original trip dates (based on availability).
  7. For these reservations, we will also waive any deposit, cancellation and re-booking penalties typically applied by Yellow Dog.

One of the most challenging aspects for trips and reservations impacted in the early months of the Covid-19 crisis was the fact that lodges and operators had already been paid – in full – for future trips. In many cases, partial credits for a future trip were the best thing that could be offered, as lodges and outfitters were unable to issue refunds. As anglers, we all know that fishing lodges and guides are the economic engines for many remote communities – most of which are in countries that do not offer bail-outs, loans or government assistance of any kind. The shut-down of all travel has left these operators starved for funds, with a need to spend retained revenue on supporting their employees, honoring their financial commitments, purchasing supplies for the season, new equipment, infrastructure improvements and more. The inability for lodges and operators to issue refunds or full trip credits was also exacerbated by the fact that many standard trip insurance policies weren’t hefty enough to cover for global pandemics.

Not the ideal outcome for many anglers, and we get it.

We also understand the level of uncertainty and confusion that has ensued, which is why Yellow Dog is offering these special terms and protections for new 2020 and 2021 reservations that are booked now through December 31, 2020.

You want to fish.

We want to help you.

And we want to support the lodges, guides, and outfitters that need our business and depend on destination angling.

Destination angling and international adventures have always been about so much more than simply catching fish. Travel is about connecting people and places, and never has this been more important.

Contact Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures today to begin planning your next trip or to simply inquire about destinations you’re considering for the future.



Alaska Charter Service (Southeast Alaska)
Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge (Kvichak River, Alaska)
Aniak River Lodge (Aniak, Alaska)
Bear Trail Lodge (King Salmon, Alaska)
Bristol Bay Lodge (Bristol Bay, Alaska)
Enchanted Lake Lodge (Katmai National Park)
Icy Bay Lodge (Yakutat, Alaska)
Riversong Lodge (Lake Creek, Alaska)
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge (Judd Lake, Alaska)

Las Pampas Lodge (Rio Pico)
Jurassic Lake Lodge (Southern Argentina)
Pinti’s Dorado on the Fly (Northern Argentina)
Urban Dorado Anglers (Buenos Aires)

Driftwater Lodge (Tasmania)
Riverfly 1864 (Tasmania)

Day Bay Area Bonefish Lodge (Andros)
East End Lodge (Grand Bahama)
Mt. Pleasant Bonefish Lodge (Andros)
Red Bay Sunset Lodge (Andros)
Small Hope Bay Lodge (Andros)
Swain’s Cay Lodge (Andros)

Belize Permit Club (Hopkins Village, Belize)
Belize River Lodge (Central Belize)
Blue Horizon Lodge (Hopkins, Belize)
Copal Tree Lodge (Punta Gorda)
El Pescador Lodge (Ambergris Caye, Belize)
Garbutt Brothers Lodge (Punta Gorda)
Long Caye Outpost Camp (Long Caye, Belize)
Tarpon Sands (Central Belize)
Victoria House (San Pedro, Belize)

Andres Flyfishing (British Columbia)
Dave Brown Outfitters (Alberta)
Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge (Manitoba)
Restigouche River Lodge (New Brunswick)
Silvertip Outfitters (British Columbia)

Remota Resort (Magallanes, Chile)

Ikari House

The Villages

Crocodile Bay Resort (Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica)
Jungle Tarpon Reserve (Northern Jungles, Costa Rica)

Las Salinas (Playa Larga)
Lago Del Tesoro (Playa Larga)

Blue Bayou Lodge (Iztapa, Guatemala)

Fish Partner (Reykjavik)

The Best of Kamchatka (Ozernaya and Two Yurt Rivers)

Campeche Tarpon (Campeche, Mexico)
Costa de Cocos Lodge (Xcalak)
Grand Slam Lodge (Ascension Bay)
Holbox Tarpon Lodge (Isla Holbox)
La Pescadora Lodge (Ascension Bay)
Scorpion Atoll (Yucatan Peninsula)
Tarpon Town Anglers (Campeche, Mexico)
X-Flats Lodge (Xcalak)

Fiordland Lodge (South Island)
Stonefly Lodge (South Island)
Tongariro Lodge (North Island)

Bighorn Angler (Fort Smith, Montana)
Bighorn River Lodge (St. Xaiver, Montana)
Black Bear Lodge (Northport, Washington)
Dogwood Lodge (Hopedale, Louisiana)
Elk Creek Ranch (Island Park, Idaho)
Four Rivers Fishing Company (Twin Bridges, Montana)
Gallatin River Lodge (Bozeman, Montana)
Glacier Anglers (West Glacier, Montana)
Great Waters Inn (Melrose, Montana)
Henry’s Fork Lodge (Island Park, Idaho)
Linehan Outfitting Co. (Northwest Montana)
Lodge at Palisades Creek (Swan Valley, Idaho)
Madison Double R (Ennis, Montana)
Madison Valley Ranch (Ennis, Montana)
Missoula River Lodge (Missoula, Montana)
Missouri River Ranch (Craig, Montana)
Ruby Springs Lodge (Sheridan, Montana)
Silver Bow Club (Melrose, Montana)
South Fork Lodge (Swan Valley, Idaho)
Sportsmans Lodge (Venice, Louisiana)
Steelhead Ranch (Goldendale, Washington)
Stonefly Inn (Twin Bridges, Montana)
Stonefly Lodge (Twin Bridges, Montana)
Yellowstone Valley Lodge (Paradise Valley, Montana)


Will this new promotion cover trips that have already been canceled, delayed, or impacted?
Sadly no. While we would love to retroactively offer these terms and conditions to existing reservations or to those trips that were impacted over the past several months, we unfortunately cannot. The logistics involved and the fact that funds have already been paid and forwarded to lodges and operators precludes this. For all NEW reservations, however, we are pleased to present these policies that are now applicable to participating lodges and destinations.

Will this coverage apply to all new bookings?
Any trip package from the list of participating destinations that is booked with Yellow Dog from May 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020 that is scheduled to take place in either 2020 or in 2021 will be covered. Your funds will be held by Yellow Dog and refunded in full if the trip needs to be cancelled for Covid-19-related reasons as listed below.

What are legitimate “Covid-19-related reasons”?

  • Level 4 Global or Country-Specific Health Advisory (Do not travel) issued by US State Department
  • Border closures prohibiting non-residents travel in /out of destination country
  • Mandatory quarantine upon arrival to destination country
  • Your personal illness and/or health complications due to Covid-19

What are some cancellation reasons that would not qualify?
While standard, non-Covid-related cancellation reasons would not be covered under the terms of this offer, they can and should be covered with a standard trip insurance policy or a more comprehensive “Cancel For Any Reason” (CFAR) insurance rider. These reasons would include:

  • Cancellation due to work reasons
  • Sickness, illness or injury of yourself, a family member or a travel partner
  • Weather and hurricane events
  • Trip interruption or cancellation due to severe and unsafe weather
  • Flight delays and missed connections (due to a variety of reasons)
  • Misplaced or stolen passport

What if I need to cancel my new booking for a covered Covid-19-related reason and prefer a trip credit and new dates instead of a refund?
We can facilitate this based on availability, and this is something that the lodges obviously prefer! For future reservations, there may be slight rate adjustments, which means that if the new fare is lower, you will receive a Yellow Dog credit for the difference. If the new fare is higher due to a rate increase, the difference will be collected and a revised invoice will be issued.

How long will this promotion last and are these new terms permanent?
The new terms are being offered during this promotional period only, and they are not permanent. This is a promotion, not a long-term policy change! Note that these special terms only apply to trips booked to participating lodges during this special offer, which is scheduled to last for all new bookings made during the period of May 7, 2020 through December 31, 2020. Note that Yellow Dog does reserve the right to end the promotion early if lodge reservations and demand exceeds availability, in which case terms end upon notice and discontinuation of this program. For full details, please contact Yellow Dog.

Should I still buy trip insurance to cover my future travels and any trips booked under this promotion?
While this promotion gives you the ability to cancel or reschedule a qualifying trip outside of 30 days from the start date due to specific Covid-19-related reasons, many deposits and final payments for trip packages are non-refundable for other reasons, which is why we highly recommend that you still purchase trip insurance coverage. Customers are solely responsible for purchasing medical, travel or trip insurance and it is not included in any quote or invoice from Yellow Dog. All medical, travel or trip insurance companies are third party service providers. For more information or assistance in purchasing medical, travel or trip insurance, please contact Yellow Dog for recommendations or visit the section on the Yellow Dog website about Travel Insurance. “Cancel For Any Reason” policies are also highly recommended. Please read and research all trip insurance policy details to fully understand coverage.



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