Yellow Dog’s travel ambassador Wil Flack is currently hosting a group in the jungles of Bolivia.

“This is my first time to Bolivia, and the whole crew is just in absolute awe of this place.  The jungle, the lodge, and the fishing are about as good as it gets!”

Fishing out of Tsimane’s Pluma Lodge, the group has been landing some beautiful fish.

Golden Dorado, Amazon pacu, and yatorana all inhabit the intimate jungle waters.  Many are even calling the Tsimane offerings the ultimate freshwater fly fishing experience for the adventurous angler.  The operation offers fly fishing for huge Golden Dorado in small, clear, freestone rivers – something that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated.  It would be comparable, if possible, to fishing for baby tarpon on the Three Dollar Bridge section of the Madison River in Montana.  But instead of mayflies in the air, there are thousands of huge, colorful butterflies fluttering along the river’s rocky banks and gravel bars

With the growing popularity of the area, spots for the 2018 season are limited, and already 2019 reservations are being made. 

To find out more about fly fishing Bolivia’s jungle waters contact john [at] yellowdogflyfishing [dot] com (John Hudgens) or call 888-777-5060

golden dorado, bolivia