Christmas Island Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Christmas Island

The widely scattered nation of Kiribati, pronounced "Kir-ee-bahs," located in the Pacific Ocean along the edges of the Equator, includes the Gilbert, Phoenix and Line island groups. The waters surrounding Kiribati were an important battlefield during World War II, and several of the islands were ground zero for nuclear testing in the 1950s. The isolated location of the Kiribati islands prevents tourism from flourishing and becoming a major business, even though the weather is consistently warm and the shallow water flats are teeming with bonefish, trevally, triggerfish, and numerous other game fish. It is important to note that Christmas Island is definitely not another Tahiti or Hawaii where you can go to relax and have nothing to worry about. It has few visitors, and they have to be prepared to “rough it.” That said, there aren’t many countries where the people are friendlier.

Located in the South Pacific equidistant between Hawaii and New Zealand sits Kiritimati Island - the largest atoll in the world that today is known to anglers as Christmas Island. It takes a bit of time to get here, but once you arrive, you find a saltwater wilderness area that is absolutely massive: an area that is home to impressive numbers of bonefish, milkfish, triggerfish, giant trevally, golden trevally and numerous other species. The interior and exterior flats of Christmas Island are a mix of hard white sand, coral and turtle grass, creating the ideal setting for wade fishing enthusiasts.  If you’re looking for a great first-time flats trip or a destination that will deliver impressive numbers, then a Christmas Island fly fishing trip should be high on the list.

Country Facts

Entry Requirements: Valid Passport

Languages: I-Kiribati and English

Capital: London

Main Air / Access Hub: Kiritimati (CXI) 

Population: 5,000 on Christmas Island

Currency: Australian Dollar

Electricity: 240 Volts AC, 50Hz 

Time: +14 Hours Greenwich

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