Confluence Films is a partnership between director/cinematographer Chris Patterson of Warren Miller Ski Films fame, and executive producer and writer Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. Since 2008, Confluence has produced some of the most well-known and successful films in the fishing industry, including DRIFT, RISE, CONNECT, WAYPOINTS and PROVIDENCE.

Yellow Dog is a proud sponsor of Confluence’s work, and is the exclusive booking agent that handles all location work, travel and trip logistics for these film projects. Almost every destination that is featured in Confluence’s fly fishing movies and projects can be booked and arranged through Yellow Dog.

To learn more about Confluence’s projects and past work, and to order DVD’s and Blu-Rays of DRIFT, RISE, CONNECT, WAYPOINTS and PROVIDENCE, visit the Confluence Films website. You can also download all Confluence titles in HD on iTunes.