Yellow Dog Recommended Fly Shops


"I've booked my trip with Yellow Dog ...
     now where do I buy the gear and equipment that I need?"

Yellow Dog does not sell retail, nor are we a retailer that “also dabbles” in international travel.  All that we sell is travel, and our entire focus is on creating great trip packages and the perfect travel experience for each and every one of our clients. We feel the by focusing on what we do best, we end up doing it better than anyone!

When it comes to purchasing the necessary gear and equipment for each Yellow Dog adventure, we always encourage our customers to support their local fly shop! 

If you have a local specialty retailer that you work with, then purchase your equipment through them using Yellow Dog’s detailed pre-trip planning and equipment lists. If you don’t currently work with a specialty fly shop, then we are happy to recommend the services of the specialty retailers below. All of the retailers listed below are first-rate, full service fly shops that stock the exact gear that you need for your next adventure –no matter where in the world you’re planning to fish! Call or email them, tell them that you’re a Yellow Dog client, and we promise that they’ll take excellent care of you.


Trout’s Fly Fishing
Denver, CO
Phone: 877-464-0034


Black Fly Outiftters
Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 904-997-2220


Henry's Fork Anglers
Last Chance, ID


The Fly Angler
Blain, MN
Phone: 763-572-0717


The River’s Edge Fly Shop

Bozeman, MT
Phone: 406-586-5373

Fins & Feathers (Full Orvis Dealer)
Bozeman, MT
Phone: 877-790-5303

Trout Stalkers
Ennis, MT
Phone: 406-682-5150

Madison River Fishing Co.
Ennis, MT
Phone: 800-227-7127


The Bedford Sportsman
Pleasantville, NY
Phone: 914-666-8091


Jesse Brown's Outdoors
Charlotte, NC
Phone: 704-556-0020


Deschutes Angler
Maupin, OR
Phone: 541-395-0995


T.C.O. Fly Shop
Reading, Philadelphia and State Colege, PA  (3 Locations)
Phone: 610-527-3388


Southern Drawl Outfitters
Hilton Head, SC
Phone: 843-705-6010


Bayou City Angler
Houston, TX
Phone: 832-831-3104


Mossy Creek Fly Shop
Harrisonburg, VA
Phone: 540-434-2444