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Current Travel News & Updates For Coronavirus

Receive the latest news and updates from around the angling world in regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about when and where it is safe to travel, how to protect yourself, travel policies, and more from legitimate resources and industry experts.

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Kind Support From Our Clients

From: Chris I.



When I first was introduced to Yellow Dog and explored the site, I was very excited about what they had to offer. I could definitely see myself booking many trips in the future. What the website did not convey was the level of customer service and ease of doing business. I am blown away with how easy you and the team have made this process. Obviously canceling a trip is not ideal. One that I am still struggling with. But is assuring knowing that it did not become a larger ordeal with being out of pocket so much money. I can’t thank you enough.
From: Max W.



I totally appreciate Yellow Dog‘s professionalism and attitude while handling this less than ideal situation. Situations like these are when people shine and you are proving why Yellow Dog is THE premier outfitter in the world!
From: Greg F.
Ian, Doug, Josh – Just wanted to give you all a quick report on our family fishing day with Pesca Maya.  I’m not sure how it could have possibly been better.  I fished with Wilbur and his assistant Benny, and Shannon fished with Handley and his new assistant.  I had Sam in my boat in the morning and then we switched at lunch.  The guides were tremendous, so nice, so patient and they totally understood what we needed.  Both our boys landed their first bones all by them themselves and then proceeded to land around 14 more each throughout the day.  They put us on muds and just bent rods all day.  Exactly the right thing to do.  Toward the end of the day, both boats went site fishing and I landed some bones on a crystal clear flat, it was great.  Shannon was with Sam and Sam gave the fly rod a try.  It was windy but they found a protected spot.  Sam has a really nice 30’ cast.  Shannon can tell you the story, but 4 bones came down the mangrove line, Sam saw them, made a perfect cast, stripped and they charged it, landed his first bone on a fly.  Shannon can’t tell the story without crying.  It was exactly the day we hoped to have.  We fished all day, no need to go snorkeling, the rods were bent all day, they had a blast and can’t wait for our guide day in Isla Holbox.  Thank you for the backstage pass.  Things are challenging right now, but I thought you all may enjoy some great news and remind of you of what a great and valuable service you provide.  Thank you. Greg
From: Jim H.

Team Yellow Dog: We are all in this together. You have now and will always have the Holland’s full support. Calm seas do not create good sailors. – Jim Sr. and Jim Jr

From: Greg L.
We received your email yesterday about the coronavirus and how it’s affecting the travel and flyfishing industry. I know these are difficult times, but you and Yellow Dog are truly the leaders in the fishing travel business! Hang in there and know that this won’t last forever. People love to fish and when this is behind us, they’ll be looking to Yellow Dog for the leadership you have provided for 20 years! All the best.
From: Eric M.
Team Yellow Dog,
I read your email with great sadness – thinking about the guides, lodge staff and others break my heart. My prayers are with all of them and with you. You should know that the people of Mexico, and specifically Tarpon Cay lodge, Marco, Martin and the hotel in Rio Lagartos who took us in have all been fantastic. In reading all the postings on what’s going on in the states and abroad, it’s not lost on me how blessed we were to get in a few days of fishing here in the Yucatan. The town we’re in is closing down and we had to get off the water early due to local restrictions. Oh well, we’re rolling with it – no point in getting angry as it’s no one’s fault and we all have to do our part.
I pray that this brings us all closer as a country and world, to know how truly connected we are to each other. This will pass and we will be out on the water again – hopefully visiting the friends we’ve made through Yellow Dog in Belize, Andros, Yucatan, etc. Thank you for all you continue to do for our community. You have enriched my life more than you’ll ever know. Peace! 
From: Edward B.

Great email Jim. Godspeed man. Hang in there. You guys will get through this. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. I hope everyone is healthy and safe. – Ed

From: Greg B
Great message, Jim. Feeling for all those guides out there, as well as all the others relying on the industry. That read like something from a knowledgeable and compassionate friend, not a roomful of risk management lawyers. Although understand if you run it by some. Here’s hoping we all pull through this chaos soon. I’ll book something as soon as I can. – Greg
From: Corrine D.
Jim: What a well-written and thoughtful email. This is just such a horrible situation and we have really been thinking of all people who make their money off of tourism, you all included.  We have been chatting with the lodges that are staffed by friends of ours, and my heart continues to sink thinking of the immediate repercussions.  Obviously our small business is affected by all of this, but the travel side piece is so awful, and as you said, out of anyone’s hands.  Your email got the best points across and it brings home what a family the fly fishing world is. Just know, you all are in our thoughts over here and we look forward to sharing a few drinks when this all passes. Cheers – Corinne
From: Don S.
Jim/Ian – You guys rock!  I love your service and I love your message. And I loved our Yellow Dog trip a couple of years ago on the Adventurous in Alaska. I’m taking your advice and will be booking a trip with my two boys (full-grown men, but still my boys) just as soon as I discuss dates with them. Be in touch soon. God Bless. – Don
From: Eric B.
Thank you for sending that. Of all the emails that I have received re: the covid virus, this was most impactful knowing that in my limited career as a mediocre fly fisherman at best, how much it has changed my perspective. Hopefully this will be short, and that the summer business won’t be impacted too much. Good luck to you all in this difficult time. – Eric 
From: Rich H.
Boys: Well said and well done. God speed during these tough times. If you need anything, let me know. Happy to help out. Cheers – Rich
From: Chad B.
Jim & Ian. Thanks very much for sending over, it was a wonderful email to read, showing off a reasoned while realistic approach for guests, lodges and outfitters in our industry.  It is a genuine pleasure to work with you, Shaun and Yellow Dog in general, and it’s our hope that we can continue to do so in the future, as well, as we all struggle to deal and cope with CV-19. Wishing you both, as well as your families and staff, good health and much happiness at a difficult time in the world. All the best from all of us here at Nicholas Dean in Terrace. Sincerely. Chad
From: Don S.

Jim – tough times for everyone here, but I contacted my boys and they are fully on board with getting you some Accounts Receivable. When we book, don’t be shy about asking for a big down payment. We want to do our part to help you make it through this.

From: Konrad B.
Hi. I am not a client (yet) but on your email list. I just had to comment that as we all are getting inundated with COVID updates, but this email stood above the rest and is very nicely done.  You nailed some very salient points that really hit home. When I do book my next trip, I will use you folks. I have been admiring your company for years, and this note furthers my resolve to make sure to use you! If I could bump elbows, I would. Well done! – Konrad
From: Dustin W.
Camille: Thank you so much.  I do hope all is well.  I can’t begin to thank you and Yellow Dog enough for the support and comfort.  I look forward to life returning to normal and being able to do some traveling. One thing is for certain.  I will only travel with Yellow dog.  Top shelf people top shelf outfit. Thank you – Dustin 
From: Tim B.

Hi Jim. I just wanted to say thanks, and I wish you, Ian and the crew at Yellow Dog the best in a tough situation. I am on the phone constantly with clients regarding the situation too, and I sympathize.

From: Chase O.

Team Yellow Dog: I made it home safe and sound from the Seychelles! I really appreciate everything you did to make sure I made it back. The resort was fantastic and I had a wonderful time, even if it was short. I caught my first Permit and GT! You guys did everything you could to make the trip a success. Thank you!

From: Sam W.

Thank you for your hard work in finding a good solution to a shitty situation.  Now, all we need to do is get this virus behind us and get on with our lives and get back to more productive matters. I appreciate all you are going through and am happy to have you on my team. Thanks again

From: Steve B.

Thank you for the message!  I can see through how this happened and don’t in any way believe you and your company are responsible. I bet it’s frustrating for you. Yellow Dog is a great company and always so supportive of the industry. I know that your people are the core of your business and they have always been exceptional in communication and service. My hope and prayer is that you and your team weather through this and we are all back out exploring and enjoying what we love best – very soon!


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