Trip Overview 

Winston lodgeArguably the most complete, comprehensive, high-end, and professional fishing operation in all of Patagonia, Patagonia River Guides' (PRG) southern program offers first class accommodations, the best in Malbec wines and gourmet cuisine, and an endless frontier of incredible Patagonia fly fishing. This southern offering is Patagonia River Guides' original operation, the pre-cursor to the newer PRG North program located further north, in the San Martin area. In 2010, PRG acquired The PRG Lodge at Trevelin, located just outside the small Welsh community of Trevelin, situated about 10 miles south of Esquel. Combined with PRG’s lodge operation in the Rio Pico region to the South, this dual-location program ensures you will be fishing the very best waters in Patagonia at exactly the right times. One of PRG’s greatest strengths is their guide staff – the best in the Chubut Region. All have in excess of ten years of experience, speak excellent English, and have an impressive fleet of trucks and boats at their disposal. Each of these trips is 100% custom-designed and structured around your desires, expectations, time of year, and seasonal fishing conditions.

Destination Quick Facts 

Patagonia River Guides South - Yellow Dog Flyfishing AdventuresLOCATION:  Patagonia Region – Trevelin and Rio Pico

SEASON:  November through May 1st

CAPACITY:  Maximum of 14 anglers in Trevelin and eight (8) anglers in Rio Pico

CLOSEST MAJOR AIR HUB:  Buenos Aires, Argentina (Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport/EZE and Jorge Newbery Domestic Airport/AEP)

TARGET SPECIES:  Rainbows, browns, brook trout and landlocked Atlantic salmon

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED:  Valid passport. No visa required for citizens of most countries.

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Lodging Details
Patagonia River Guides South utilizes two exclusive fishing lodges. The first lodge is located in the Esquel - Los Alerces National Park region and the other, in the Rio Pico fishing region. Having two exclusive and unique locations available at all times delivers a huge advantage for extended trips by making countless rivers, streams and lakes available. The variety of waters and fishing opportunities available in these two locations is second to none.

Patagoinia River Guides Lodge at Trevelin (Esquel and Los Alerces Area)
Located in a stunning mountain valley, PRG's Lodge at Trevelin has unforgettable 365-degree views of the area and five mountain ranges as well as unbeatable access to both Los Alerces National Park and the Esquel area's best rivers. The Main Lodge features nine rooms, each with its own private bathroom. Each main level room features a door leading to a deck with a stunning view. Two of the downstairs bedrooms are configured in a suite with a connecting door perfect for friends that want to have a shared-room concept. The Lodge also includes a cabin, which contains three large bedrooms and is perfect for a group of friends. Every guest has the option of enjoying single occupancy – something that is normally unheard of without an upgrade charge!

The main floor houses an office center for guests, small gift shop, dining room, two living rooms and two bar areas. The two living rooms are on opposite sides of the Lodge; one living room is more of a lounge area with a large, outside deck, while the other contains a pool table and cigar bar complete with some of the best single malts and whiskeys. The main dining room includes a large table and an indoor parilla (indoor barbeque grill), where guests enjoy gourmet and regional dishes prepared by PRG’s professional staff. The Lodge is ideal for hard-core anglers as well as for non-fishing guests wishing to relax and explore the area. 

Tres Valles Lodge (Rio Pico Region)
PRG has been offering exceptional expedition-style trips to the Rio Pico region in combination with other PRG programs for over ten years. Tres Valles Lodge offers guests first-class accommodation, excellent service, and fine meals in the Rio Pico Area. Tres Valles is a beautiful mountain Lodge offering four spacious double suites each with private baths and private deck overlooking the spectacular Desnudo Mountain. 
The six-thousand square-foot Lodge is intimate but spacious, and distributed on two levels with a living room on each level, library, full bar, two dining areas, mudroom, large outside deck, barbeque pit, and two large fireplaces. As remote and private as the Lodge is, it still offers guests both a fixed phone and Wi-Fi, a luxury that guests have never enjoyed in Rio Pico before. Tres Valles also offers a professional kitchen preparing delicious gourmet meals along with traditional asados and barbeques showcasing grass-fed estancia beef and lamb. Guillermina and Simon Madero take pride in all aspects of the management, ensuring guests enjoy an amazing lodging and fishing experience while staying in Rio Pico. 

Food and Beverages
Guests can expect a made-to-order healthy breakfast in the mornings, and gourmet dinners (some of the best in Patagonia) prepared by a very talented chef each night. The meals at PRG are some of the best we've found anywhere in the world, and over the years, this operation has become known for a diverse menu, amazing meals, and an impressive line-up of the finest Argentine wines. The meals are always delicious and prepared with local ingredients. 

Typical Length of Stay
All packages are completely customized, and trips of any length can be arranged. Our favorite itinerary for PRG South is nine (9) nights / eight (8) fishing days that includes four (4) days of fishing out of the Trevelin area and four (4) days of fishing out of the Rio Pico area. This is a scenario that allows you to experience two totally separate fishing experiences and locations in the same overall trip package.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
Patagonia has much to offer the non-angler and there is a great deal more to explore than just the trout streams. The bi-lingual guides of PRG can arrange fun-filled and interesting activities and experiences for the non-fishing angler. Some of the many activities include flora and fauna tours, horseback riding, hiking, and scenic raft trips. More relaxing pursuits include wine-tasting, birdwatching, local shopping, massage, cultural tours, and photography safaris. The overall level of accommodations, service, food and overall amenities make Patagonia River Guides a great location for couples' trips that include a non-angler. 

Internet / Communications
There is wireless internet, cell service and a fixed phone line at both PRG locations in Trevelin and in Rio Pico.


General Information
A typical day of fishing in Patagonia starts with breakfast around 7:30 AM at the Lodge. After breakfast, you will be met by your guide and depart to the fishing area of your choice. You will fish one of the magnificent rivers in the area until around 1:30 PM, at which time you will enjoy a gourmet streamside lunch that includes the finest Argentine wines. The fishing day ends around 7:00 PM, upon which you are transferred back to the Lodge for a hot shower and cold drinks. At approximately 9:00 PM, you will enjoy dinner in the Lodge's main dinning room. Dinner is served late in Argentina, allowing for much longer days on the water. One thing to keep in mind is that all trips are custom designed and structured around your desires, expectations, the time of year, and local fishing conditions. You can leave early or fish late, structuring your schedule however you would like. It’s completely up to you!

One of the greatest things about the PRG fishing program is that every fishing day features a different river, spring creek, or lake. Patagonia River Guides utilizes both private and public waters and they have miles of streams and access points under lease for the exclusive enjoyment of their guests. Some waters are floated, some are waded, and some a combination of the two depending on conditions and desires. Most Argentine trout are in the 16 to 23-inch range, with many exceeding 23 inches. Trout species, size, and numbers always vary depending on the watershed fished. Some waters produce numbers, some produce size, and some produce both!

In many ways, the Esquel region resembles fishing in the American West – fifty years ago. This is the gateway to Los Alerces National Park and to the Southern Andes Mountains. The area has many creeks, lakes, and rivers, all of which contain excellent numbers of trout. A short drive offers incredible trout fishing on the Rio Grande, the Corcovado, the Nant and Fall Waterfalls, the Rio Chubut, the Arroyo Pescado spring creek, and many more smaller streams and high mountain and desert lakes. Los Alerces National Park was established to protect one the last stands of giant redwood trees in South America. It encompasses more than 600,000 acres and is home to over a dozen rivers and lakes. You can catch rainbows, browns, brook trout, and landlocked Atlantic salmon in the area’s emerald waters, and will no doubt enjoy the park as much for the scenery as the fishing. The Los Alerces region offers access to the Carrileufu, the Rivadavia, the Arraynes, the Frey, as well as numerous lakes and small remote streams.

The Rio Pico area is located three hours south of Esquel and offers anglers the chance to explore a very remote and untouched fishery. This region offers you an opportunity to catch large fish and enjoy a part of Patagonia that sees very little tourism. The region is mostly know for its high desert lakes stacked full of large rainbows and browns. This type of stillwater fishing is exciting because of the size of the trout and the opportunity to sight fish. There are also several rivers and spring creeks in the area which provide plenty of action. If you plan on fishing the Rio Pico region, make sure that you enjoy wild country and are prepared to live like a gaucho – in style of course!

Boats and Equipment
Patagonia River Guides utilizes a large "fleet" of NRS self-bailing rafts outfitted with swivel seats, anchor systems, and dry storage in each boat. Four door, 4x4 turbo diesel Toyota trucks (all in excellent condition) are used to transfer anglers to the fishing areas each day. PRG has plenty of back-up Winston rods, Hatch reels and Simms waders and boots for loaner or demo use. Use of this equipment in included in your package. They also boast the largest selection of professionally tied local patterns in Argentina to ensure that you will always have the right pattern for the right time. Flies are also included in your package.


How To Get There
Getting to Patagonia is not difficult. Take an easy overnight flight to Buenos Aires's Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) from one of several major cities in the U.S., get a good night’s rest, and awaken in Argentina. There are two airports in Buenos Aires. The Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini Airport (EZE) is the international hub where all international flights arrive and depart. From there, you will need to transfer to the Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP), a smaller airport across town that handles the majority of domestic flights. From Newbery you will fly to Esquel (EQS) or to Bariloche (BRC), depending on the day of the week. It is always best to arrange your trip so that you can arrive and depart on days when the domestic Argentine airlines fly directly in and out of Esquel. You can fly in and out of Bariloche, but it is a longer drive to the Lodge, and there is a surcharge and extra transfer fee to shuttle you from Bariloche.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times
If desired, you will be met by Yellow Dog's Buenos Aires transfer agent at the international airport (EZE) and transferred either to your hotel or to the domestic airport (AEP) for immediate departure to Esquel or Bariloche. The agent in Buenos Aires can easily re-confirm your flights, make dinner reservations, share a cocktail, and take you on a city tour if you wish. From Buenos Aires, it takes about two hours to fly to Esquel. After landing at the Esquel airport, you will be met by the PRG guides. This transfer is included in your package. If you fly instead into Bariloche, we can also arrange the transfer from the Bariloche airport to the lodge, but keep in mind that there will be an additional transfer fee.

Documents Required
Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and other Western European nations do not need a visa for tourist trips of up to ninety days. You will need a valid passport and will have to fill in a landing card on arrival and you will be given a stamp for stays of thirty, sixty or ninety days. Staple your duplicate of the landing card into your passport, next to your entrance stamp, as you'll need it to leave the country. If you do lose it, it's rarely a serious problem, but you'll have to fill in a new form at the border control. On entering the country, you will also be given a customs declaration form. Duty is not charged on used personal effects, books, and other articles for non-commercial purposes, up to the value of $300. Make sure you declare any valuable electronic items such as laptop computers, as customs officers can be suspicious that you may be bringing them into the country to sell.

Travel Arrangements
Yellow Dog offers a full in-house travel and reservations system, and can assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for every destination that we offer. Contact us at 888-777-5060 or travel [at] yellowdogflyfishing [dot] com for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services and trip insurance.


Package Rates
Remember that Yellow Dog's services are completely free! When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter. All prices listed below are per person, based on double occupancy booking, and quoted in US dollars. Due to the customized and personalized nature of these packages, Yellow Dog will quote each trip based on length, expectations, and desired itinerary.

EARLY SEASON: November 1st to December 31st 

$900.00 per night / person

Single occupancy is $1,350.00 per night

HIGH SEASON: January 1st to May 1st

$1000.00 per night / person
Single occupancy is $1,525 per night

$1000.00 per night / person
Single occupancy is $1,500.00 per night

What's Included

  • Ground transportation to and from the Esquel airport (EQS)
  • Accommodations and all meals
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Professional guided fishing
  • Fishing license and private water fees
  • Supplemental flies, leaders and tippet
  • Use of waders, boots, rods and reels

What's Not Included

  • Airfare to Buenos Aires (EZE)
  • Airfare to Esquel (EQS)
  • Transfers, hotel, and food in Buenos Aires
  • Laundry services
  • Special liquors and cigars
  • Gratuities for guides and staff
  • Personal shopping

South of the equator, summer and winter are reversed, and the Patagonia season runs from November to the end of April. Travel in this region of South America is extremely safe, and there are no dangerous snakes, spiders or insects. Mosquitoes are almost non-existent, and the water is completely safe to drink. Communication to and from Argentina is easy and telephones and internet access are widely available.

All PRG trips feature:

  • 1:1 guide ratio on walk wade trips - unique at most flyfishing lodges.  One pro guide and one assistant guide per two anglers.
  • Simms Waders and Boots, Winston Rods, and Hatch Reels for all guests to use.
  • PRG provides all flies, leaders, tippett, and license - clients don't need to pack more than clothing for a trip.

Client Testimonials

“Sight casting for huge rainbow and browns in some of the most beautiful water on the planet at the base of the Andes. Two of the best guides we have ever fished with plus great food and world class couldn't get any better! We didn't want to leave and will be back next year.”
- Randolph and Donna R. (Santa Rosa, CA)

 “I cannot recommend this guide service more highly. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to shape the future of fly fishing in Patagonia for all to enjoy.”
- Ted O. (Northern CA)

 “Esquel was a cozy town - very friendly with everything we needed. I have several great memories of the experience. My favorite moment was sighting and casting to large rainbows in the still water at the mouth of the Rivadavia. It was something to see a fish swim slowly from 15 feet away, gulp the dry fly, and then battle in 15 to 25 feet of clear water.”
- Chris H. (Plano, TX)