Trip Overview 

In operation for over 60 years - Plummer’s Lodge is the longest running fishing operation in the Canadian Arctic. Great Bear Lake Lodge is certainly the crown jewel of the Plummer’s program, boasting all tackle world records for lake trout and arctic grayling along with dozens of line class records. This is a fishery where 8 pound lake trout and 18 inch grayling are the norm; and a tarpon sized trout over 50 pounds is a reality! Bordering the tree line and sitting just above the Arctic Circle, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the fishing is incredible! Spend your days drift fishing and sight casting to large lake trout or working the shorelines and creek mouths for grayling. Two on-site otter float planes make daily fly outs an option and packages can be totally customized to include some Arctic Char fishing at the Tree River Outpost!

Destination Quick Facts 

LOCATION:  Northwest Territories, Canada  Great Bear Lake Lodge - Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures

SEASON:  July through August

CAPACITY:  Forty-six (46) anglers per week 

TARGET SPECIES:  Lake trout, arctic grayling and some pike

CLOSEST MAJOR AIR HUB:  Yellowknife, Northwest Territory (YZF)

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED:  A valid passport is required for U.S. citizens to enter Canada. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the lodge.

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Lodging Details
Great Bear Lake Lodge is centered on a small island with individual cabins surrounding the main lodge. The main lodge consists of the dining room, a fully stocked bar, pool table and a huge stone fireplace with seating area. There is also an onsite tackle shop where you can purchase gifts, rental equipment or flies and tackle for the trip. The guest cabins all have different room configurations accommodationg between 1 - 8 people each making it easy to accomodate single anglers, couples, families and also take care of a boys trip.  All cabins are equipped with full baths, stoves, extra blankets and 24 hour electricity.  You will be well taken care of with daily housekeeping and fresh water with ice for cocktails in the room each afternoon!

Food and Beverages
Breakfast and dinner are served in the main lodge and lunch is on the water with your guide. Meals are served family style and the food is fantastic. There is always a pot of hot coffee on and cookies and pastries available for snacks. Every Thursday is ‘Wine and Cheese’ night with lake trout sashimi. There is a bar in the main dining room that is open until 10 pm each night. Alcoholic beverages are not included in your package and you will have a bar tab at the end of your stay. You are certainly more that welcome to BYOB if you prefer. The water in the lake is pure and void of parasites so the guides just brings cups for drinking water!

Typical Length of Stay
All packages to Great Bear Lake Lodge are weeklong seven (7) night Saturday to Saturday trips. You do fish on arrival day so you will have six (6) and one-half (1/2) days of guided fishing.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
While fishing is still the biggest draw to the north in the summer time, Plummer’s can book you on many adventures in the Arctic including hunting for exotic big game like Musk Ox, floating the Coppermine River in rafts, canoeing endless rivers in the Great Bear Lake  watershed and kayaking the fresh water ocean we call Great Bear Lake amongst the shelter of the islands of the McTavish Arm from the old frontier outpost of Cameron Bay through the archipelago past the 1930’s mine site at Port Radium to our Arctic Circle Lodge. Plummer’s can also organize targeted wildlife photography tours. Wildlife sightings are common including migrating caribou as some times of the year, muskox herds, moose, grizzly bears, multiple varieties of raptors, wolves and many other species. You might even stumble on a century old teepee.

Internet / Communications
There is a satellite wi-fi connection outside of the tackle shop


General Information
Hundreds of miles from civilization, Great Bear is the 4th largest lake in North America and is fished by only 300 lucky anglers each year. The majority of the fishing at Great Bear Lake Lodge takes place within a 1 hour boat run from the lodge. There are many fly outs available to numerous locations on Great Bear Lake due to two (2) onsite otter float planes. This alows anglers to hit untouched water for lake trout, fantastic spots for grayling and some pike. An overnight to the fly out to the Tree River Outpost for arctic char can also be arranged. Fly outs can be set up ahead of time or booked while onsite based on availability. We reccomend pre-booking these flyouts in advance, especially the Tree River Outpost.

The primary species found in the Great Bear Lake are lake trout in three different varieties. The ‘grays’ have the potential to get absolutely enormous with fish commonly caught in the 20 – 40 pound range and the potential to see fish 50 – 60 pounds and above. The ‘red fins’ and ‘butterflies’ (cross between a red fin and a gray) don’t get as large but are commonly seen up to 10 pounds, tend to cruise shallower water and often will feed on the surface in calm conditions. The vast depths of Great Bear Lake are relatively sterile and most of the fishing focus is on shallow bars or ‘reefs’ and shorelines. Many of the fish tend to hold in water that is 3 – 20 feet deep and in early July after ice out the gigantic ‘grays’ can be sight fished to in shallow bays! There is some limited water that can be fished around the lodge. Smaller lake trout and grayling do tend to cruise the shoreline each evening and can be seen sipping insects during calm conditions.

All packages can be totally customized to include a number of different fly or a night or two at the Tree River Outpost. The Tree River is very popular and highly recommended for all fly anglers fishing visiting Great Bear Lake Lodge. Again, It is certainly best to set up the Tree River Outpost when you book your trip. The Tree River is in high demand and you may not be able to schedule that fly out if you wait until you are at the lodge to set it up

Boats and Equipment Required
The fishing boats on Great Bear Lake is done out of 18' Custom built Lund boats with 40 hp four stroke motors. There are two otter float planes stationed at Great Bear offering daily fly outs including overnight trips to the Tree River Outpost


How To Get There
All guests visiting Great Bear Lake Lodge or the Tree River Outpost will fly to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (YZF). Daily flights by West Jet, Air Canada and others fly to Yellowknife from both Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times
There are no flights available into Yellow knife that arrive in time to connect with the charter to the Great Bear Lake Lodge so all guests must overnight in Yellowknife on the Friday prior to arrival. We STRONGLY recommend that you also overnight again in Yellowknife the night after departing from the lodge just in case there are any delays getting back from Great Bear due to the weather. Upon arrival in Yellowknife on Friday you will be met at the airport by a representative of Plummer’s Lodges. The Plummer’s representative will connect you with a transfer to your hotel and will also outline the transfer time back to the airport to meet the charter flight to the lodge the following morning.

On Saturday morning a shuttle driver will meet you at your hotel and transfer you back to the airport to meet the charter flight to Great Bear Lake Lodge. The time of the charters can vary but typically depart around mid-morning with a mid-day arrival at Great Bear Lake Lodge. Upon arrival at the lodge you will be shown to your room and given an overview of the lodge property. After dropping your bags in your cabin you will meet your guide and rig rods for a ½ day of fishing!

Documents Required
A passport is required for U.S. citizens to enter Canada. Anglers can purchase fishing licenses for Great Bear Lake and the Tree River onsite.

A Note on Drunk Driving or Other Criminal Record
Anyone with a criminal record (including a drunk driving conviction) may be excluded from Canada. A waiver of exclusion may be issued but several weeks are required and a processing fee must be paid. Contact the Canadian Embassy or a Canadian Consulate in the U.S. for more information.

Travel Arrangements
Yellow Dog offers a full in-house travel and reservations system, and can assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for every destination that we offer. Contact us at 888-777-5060 or travel [at] yellowdogflyfishing [dot] com for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services and trip insurance.


Package Rates
Remember that Yellow Dog's services are completely free! When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter. All prices listed below are per person and based on double occupancy in the room and sharing a guide each day. All prices below are quoted in US dollars.  Due to a weekly air charter to and from Yellowknife and Great Bear Lake Lodge, all packages are Saturday to Saturday.

Base Package Rate (per person, based on double occupancy)
7 Nights / 6.5 Fishing Days = $5,245.00

** Fly out prices vary depending per location and how many anglers on an otter. Each plane can accommodate up to six (6) anglers and it is best to fill a plane for best pricing. Fly out prices range from $500 - $2100 per person.

What's Included

  • Meet and greet service at Yellowknife airport
  • Transportation to and from the airport and your hotel
  • All accommodations at Great Bear Lake Lodge
  • All guided fishing as specified
  • Round trip air charter between Yellowknife, NWT and Great Bear Lake Lodge
  • Family style breakfast each morning with a three course dinner each evening
  • Daily shore lunch with your guide
  • Non-bottled, non-alcoholic beverages
  • Daily housekeeping service

What's Not Included

  • Airfare to Yellowknife, NWT
  • Hotel and meals while in Yellowknife
  • Fly outs in one of the Lodges Otter Float Planes
  • Alcohol beverages (BYO)
  • Fishing licenses
  • Flies, tackle and rental equipment (if needed)
  • Laundry service
  • Staff and guide gratuities
  • 5% Sales Tax (added to final YD invoice)

Great Bear Lake was named after the constellation Ursa Major, which can typically be seen above the lake. The lake is 160 miles long and covers over 12,000 square miles. It is the 4th largest lake in North America and its deepest spot is 1,464 feet. The small native reserve of Deline is the nearest community to the lodge. Located on the southwestern shore 150 miles away, it can only be accessed by air and briefly on winter ice roads.

The Arctic has a rich history yet a relatively recent one. When you consider that mankind was only beginning to understand how little we do indeed understand about the Arctic in the 1930’s and at that same time the Plummer’s Family was already exploring this part of the world. For over 50 years Plummer’s has made the arctic accessable for accessible, defying Mother Nature and laying the path from the end of the road in Yellowknife to the Arctic coast.

The location of the Plummer’s Great Slave Lake Lodge operation was discovered by Warren Plummer and his father by canoe in 1938. The Plummer’s were already pilots and it was not long before airplanes on floats and skis were being used by the family to explore beyond the frontier. It wasn’t long before they realized that Great Bear Lake was an incredibly vast fishery with absolutely colossal lake trout.  This is where the Plummer’s decided the next lodge was to be built. They now operate three lodges on Great Bear Lake where the largest lake trout in the world have been caught since records were being kept. It is noteworthy that even in these modern times, Great Bear Lake, a lake that is the size of England is only ice free for about 90 days a year and Plummer’s is the only operation on its shores.