General Information

Elk River
The Elk River is thought by many to be the best dry fly river in North America. The river system supports a very healthy population of large Westslope cutthroat trout averaging between 10 and 18 inches, with many up to 22 inches. Serious streamer fishermen are also drawn to the area in search of double-digit bull trout. The Elk River offers great diversity for the fly angler, as it is large enough for floating but has many braided sections – especially on the upper river – that are ideal for wading. The main dry fly season on the Elk typically kicks off in mid-June.

Bull River
This fast-flowing, mid-size river has many boulder sections and lots of great structure. With scenery that is absolutely breathtaking, floating down the Bull River along the Steeples Range is one of the most beautiful drifts in the area. The fishing pressure is low with sections of the river having a very high concentration of Westslope cutthroat trout. The Bull River offers float trips or walk and wade trips with the best fishing found from late July through to the end of August.

Wigwam River
Designated as fly fishing only, the Wigwam offers incredible water quality and some of the best hatches in the area. Some of the largest Westslope cutthroat trout in the entire Elk River system are found here. With meadow sections, fast-flowing runs with large boulders, and deep, clear holes, this river will have you believing that you are fishing in New Zealand.

Michel Creek 
Michel Creek is probably the most fertile and nutrient-rich tributary of the Elk River. High populations of trout (some in the 20″ class), good hatches, and very easy walk-wade access make Michel Creek a favorite with anglers visiting the area.

Area Lakes
The Elk Valley region of British Columbia has an abundance of excellent lakes. While the alpine lakes offer cutthroat trout, the lower elevation lakes can produce very large rainbows and brook trout. Many of these lakes are accessible by vehicle and are a short distance from Fernie. 

Heli-Fishing Trips 
A scenic helicopter ride can be arranged to take you to one of the area’s remote high mountain lakes. Imagine fishing a lake with no one else around, enjoying fresh-cooked fish for lunch, surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Rockies. 

Boats and Equipment 
Float fishing on area rivers is done via McKenzie-style drift boats. The fly shop offers a complete line-up of high-end gear and equipment, as well as a full selection of effective area fly patterns.