Kamchatka is without a doubt one of the most spectacular geographical locations in all of Russia, if not the world. Occupying over 470,000 square miles, the Peninsula is located in the most Southeastern parts of the Russian continent. Separating the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean, the Kamchatka Peninsula juts out into the northern Pacific Ocean directly into the path of the warm Japanese Coastal currents. This fortunate positioning helps to provide relatively mild winters compared to those of nearby Siberia. Along with these warm currents comes numerous species from the Pacific Ocean, including salmon, whales and a wonderful array of coastal wildlife. Brown bear, otter, bighorn sheep, caribou and moose flourish amongst the backdrop of a pristine wilderness.
Located over 6,000 miles away from the “big city issues” of Moscow, the Kamchatkan Peninsula offers a safe, stable and remote environment for the discriminating and adventurous angler. This volcano and river-filled region has always been regarded as a land of wonder. The peninsula has more landmass than California, yet only one passable road into the interior. The west coast and all of the northern regions remain roadless and totally inaccessible except by helicopter. If you have ever dreamed of fishing some of the most remote, untouched rivers on earth for large, aggressive, surface-feeding native rainbow trout, then this trip should be at the very top of your list. Kamchatka is still a completely wild place, and while most Kamchatka fly fishing operations on the Peninsula can deliver a fairly pristine and remote wilderness fishing experience, there are definitely some operations that are more remote, more wild and more productive than others!

Overnight Float Trips

For anglers looking for a truly remote wilderness fly fishing experience, overnight float trips in Kamchatka offer an opportunity to access dozens of miles of some of the world’s best trout fishing. Moving downstream over the course of the week, anglers and guides will utilize rafts to access different stretches of the river each day, spending each night at outpost camps or setting up tents each evening. For the angler looking for some of the most untouched, remote trout fishing in the world, overnight float trips can be the perfect option.

Sedanka River Fly Fishing

Sedanka River Float

  • Preferred family destination

The Sedanka River is without question, one of the most highly regarded and esteemed rivers in all of Kamchatka and for any dry fly fisherman, it’s seventh heaven. This beautiful spring fed river, is home to a plethora of insects that hatch throughout the summer months, allowing anglers to cast to healthy, large and aggressive rainbow trout.

Two Yurt River Fly Fishing

Two Yurt River

  • Preferred family destination

The Two Yurt River float – offered through The Best of Kamchatka® – is an amazing wilderness experience that offers anglers the world’s finest fishing for rainbow trout, along with beautiful scenery, diverse wildlife, and over 50 miles of productive and pristine waters all to themselves!

As a destination and a fishery, Kamchatka offers anglers the most remote, off-the-grid freshwater opportunities found anywhere on the planet. And while many of the rivers of the Kamchatkan Peninsula offer great fishing, there are a handful of fisheries where anglers will feel as if they were the first person to ever fish there.

While all rivers in Kamchatka provide an unbelievably remote and pristine wilderness experience, for anglers looking for the next level of true exploration Yellow Dog is now offering the opportunity to explore Kamchatka on numerous untouched rivers.

Fixed Based Camps

Centrally located on some of the best trout fishing rivers on the planet, fixed based camps give anglers the opportunity to access dozens of miles of water in jet boats over the course of the week. Fixed based camps tend to be the most established accommodations in Kamchatka, and the perfect way to have a rustic yet comfortable setting - all while enjoying some of the best trout fishing you can find anywhere in the world.

A handful of rivers found on this wild and rugged peninsula are truly world-class; collectively in a league of their own with regard to huge, aggressive rainbow trout. One of these select fisheries is the mighty Zhupanova, a river known as home to what are arguably the largest rainbow trout in the world.

If you have ever dreamed of fishing some of the most remote, untouched waters on earth for large, surface-feeding native rainbow trout, then trout fishing Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula should be at the very top of your list.

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