General Information
The Lodge begins its season in mid-March with the arrival of the spring steelhead. Throughout the summer, anglers can catch five different species of sea-bright Pacific salmon in addition to resident trout. Starting at the end of July, Spey Lodge offers some of the best steelhead fishing in the world, with the action continuing into the fall. Late summer and early fall bring some of the best dry fly steelheading on earth, which can at times last until mid-November. The target species and the rivers fished vary from month to month, but the techniques stay relatively the same. Spey Lodge, of course, specializes in the use of spey rods (two-handed fly rods). A single-handed 8-weight rod will work just fine most of the time, but with the salmon often exceeding thirty pounds and the steelhead sometimes exceeding twenty pounds, the risk of being under-gunned is always there. A spey rod balances the odds in your favor, with Spey Lodge happy to provide you with on-the-water lessons in all aspects of spey casting. Swinging wet flies with floating lines and light wet-tips is almost always most effective. You can also skate dry flies to large steelhead, catching fish on the surface that can easily exceed 20 pounds! For those who are interested, the benefits of spey casting are taught and encouraged by experienced guides to guests of all skill levels.

Boats and Equipment 
The lodges utilize a collection of rafts and aluminum jet boats equipped with Yamaha motors. The lodges offer a full line-up of spey equipment, which can be used by clients, in addition to flies and terminal tackle.