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Cody Richardson

Shared Experiences

Cody Richardson (@codyrichardsoncreations) is a Colorado native who grew up exploring the rivers and streams of the Rocky Mountains.  He switched gears from a career in fire fighting to pursue a personal passion for fly fishing and unique artwork.  Starting out by creating personal designs in his home shop for friends and family, these pieces caught on through local Colorado fly shops and are now sold in shops worldwide. The most rewarding aspects of this career for Cody are coming up with new and intricate designs, collaborating on custom art commissions, license place ‘hunts,’ and commemorating his customers’ passions and life events.  License plate hunts’ have taken Cody around the globe with a fly rod in hand to create these one-of-a-kind pieces.

What type of fly fishing experiences do you recommend to other anglers?

“My travels take me on a variety of trips fly fishing, and it’s tough to choose a favorite because I travel solo, in groups, and with my wife, so I focus on different types of experiences.”

Why Fly Fishing Destination Travel?

“Have you ever been to Colorado in the winter . . . it’s cold!  All joking aside, I want to experience as many cultures/regions as possible and it’s great to have the commonality of fly fishing.  I am fortunate to meld seeking out license plates with story-worthy adventures and fish.   Do not wait to make these trips…the purpose of life it to live it!”

What's New in Cody's World?

“New plates from more countries and species silhouettes are constantly being added.  There have been some cool flounder, false albacore, hogfish, and spiny lobster collaborations.  New brown trout and steelhead are being produced, which are larger so they can accommodate more plates, are now coming out.  Recently apparel/hats have been added to the mix, which has been a huge success.  More trips are coming up to pick up some rad plates, so keep checking out my Instagram for those pieces.”


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