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Interview with the Ashcraft family 

Hatch Outdoors (@hatchoutdoors) began in 2003 with the intention of creating a fly-fishing reel that would set the bar for all manufacturers to strive towards. Throughout the years, Hatch has pushed the limits of innovation by creating award-winning products, like our famous Nomad Pliers and Nippers, and continues to break boundaries today.  

Hatch Outdoors takes pride in being a family-owned and operated business in San Diego and uses the highest-grade materials and advanced machining techniques to create our iconic fly-fishing reels.

Rapid Fire Questions

What types of fly fishing experiences do you all enjoy?

“The way I describe my personal feelings is I love freshwater fly fishing but…. I am passionate about saltwater; I can’t get enough.” – Danny

“All the above. Saltwater is my fave.”  April

“Some of my fondest childhood memories take place on the banks of the Madison and Henry’s Fork. So, I think deep in my heart, there’s nothing better than planting myself on a river or taking a float trip. It’s relaxing and there’s always time for a laugh.” – Dani

If Hatch had a post-fishing cocktail named after them, what would it be? 

“Eye of the Storm like a Dark & Stormy but with a white rum floater. I made that up after too many Dark & Stormys in the Bahamas.” – April

“It would be tequila-based, similar to a margarita.” – Danny

“As San Diegans, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say, “something with tequila.” We’re definitely a margarita family.” – Dani

What are a few pieces of gear, besides Hatch products, that you never leave home without?

“A good sunscreen, lip balm. Fishpond pack, Simms sun gloves.” – April

“I get a lot of use from my Fishpond sling pack. It holds just about everything and I can definitely trust it to keep my gear dry.” – Dani

Why Hatch reels for fly fishing destination travel?

“To quote a recent customer, “Hatch takes the pressure.” Who wants to be in the middle of a jungle in South America or fighting a prize GT in the Seychelles and have a reel blow up on them? With Hatch, that isn’t even a question. I think when all is said and done, reliability in these high-pressure situations is one of our biggest selling points.”

Why Fly Fishing Destination Travel?

“To subvert the day-to-day norm, to experience a world outside your own. Philosophy aside, it’s just plain fun. Is there anything more heart-palpitating than stepping onto a plane or gassing up a car, regardless of the destination, and knowing in just a few short hours you get to be entirely outside your regular bubble? If it goes well, you have something brand-new to be excited about, and even if it’s less-than-stellar, I think it can give you a whole new appreciation for what you have in your home waters. Nothing less than a win-win.”

What's New with Hatch?

“It’s been less than a year with our new Iconic Fly Reel (released June 25th, 2021), but man, time has flown. Since its release, the demand has not yet subsided due to the excellent word of mouth surrounding this improved design and feel, which has been very exciting for us. In the same amount of time, we have also released our newly improved Nipper 3 and are continuing to innovate with other hard goods. I think you’ll find that in the next few months – weeks even – that we have some exciting announcements coming up, whether it’s custom reel excellence or dipping our toes into newer waters.”


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