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Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

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Interview with owner Matt Barber

For 25 years, Tom Morgan Rodsmiths (@tommorganrodsmiths) in Bozeman, Montana has been designing and creating the finest heirloom quality graphite, bamboo, and fiberglass fly rods. They collaborate with every single customer to handcraft their perfect rod, one at a time, with an uncompromising commitment to precision and perfection. A TMR rod is not made for everyone – it is made for you – by people who know your name. Experienced anglers, who expect grace and harmony when a rod is cast, know their standard of craftsmanship is an investment in excellence. This is what makes a great rod timeless, and a TMR rod will accompany you on your most meaningful fishing trips until you hand it off to the next generation.

What's New With Tom Morgan Rodsmiths?

“TMR is excited to announce a new saltwater line of 7wt, 8wt and 9wt rods.  TMR’s roots lie in building medium-fast action fly rods that load deeply and cast with precision and accuracy.  In building our line of saltwater rods we’ve taken the design principles that Tom instilled in us and spent nearly two years prototyping and fishing these rods around the world.  The end product is a rod that will delicately lay out a fly at 40ft and also have plenty of power left in the tank to punch through the wind and reach a tailing fish at the limits of your double haul.”

Why Fly Fishing Destination Travel?

“Destination fly fishing tests my skills on species not found in Montana.  It also opens my eyes to different environments and cultures through the travel to get there.  Guides that I’ve fished with over the years have become friends as well as valuable resources in learning more about their country.”  

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths


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