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Bessie Hudgens

Bessie is Yellow Dog’s program director for New Zealand. An angler since she was learning how to walk, Bessie grew up on a ranch outside of Saratoga, Wyoming, where she spent numerous summers working in the hayfields and fishing on the upper North Platte River. After studying Art History and Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia, Bessie returned to Wyoming to guide in the Saratoga area. Years later, a fateful backpacking trip to the land down under compelled Bessie to pack up and move to Queenstown, New Zealand, where she lived and worked for well over two years. Naturally, she was beguiled by New Zealand’s incredible fishing opportunities and spent years fishing, visiting and exploring lodges and outfitting operations all throughout the country. In addition to her time spent living and working in New Zealand, Bessie has traveled and fished extensively throughout the U.S., Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, the Bahamas, Seychelles, Canada and the Cook Islands.


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