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Bryan Gregson

A lifelong pisciphile, Bryan grew up fishing Cottonwood Creek and spent the bulk of his twenties on water, surfing Hawaii and working as a commercial fisherman in the Pacific and northern Atlantic. After mastering photography in the winter action sports industry, Bryan turned his lens to capturing fly fishing around the globe. He is the humble recipient of numerous awards and large-scale assignments, with work ranging from major magazine covers to billboards to groundbreaking cinematography shorts. Bryan has worked with Patagonia, Volvo Cars, Scott Fly Rods, Hatch Outdoors, TroutHunter Lodge, Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca Resorts, Rainy’s Flies, William Joseph, Trout Unlimited, Scientific Anglers, The Drake, FlyFish Journal, NW/SW Fly Fishing, and dozens of other brands, conservation groups and publications


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