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Jack Porter

Jack was born in Southern California and grew up camping, surfing, and fishing with family and friends. When he graduated from high school he followed his love for the mountains to Colorado where he attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and graduated with a degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Atmospheric and Ocean Science. After graduating, Jack chose to follow his passions to Argentina where he first guided fly fishing. For the next 5 years, Jack worked as a guide splitting his time between Argentina, Uruguay, Alaska, Mexico, and Wyoming, many years spending over 300 days on the water. Jack has guided for a variety of species including trout in Patagonia, Golden Dorado in the jungle, and striped marlin in Baja. Recently, after years of non-stop travel and remote living, Jack decided to step away from guiding and outfitting at destination operations. He is extremely grateful for the experiences he was able to have, the people he was able to meet, and the places he was able to see throughout his time as a guide. Jack is passionate about travel, fly fishing, and adventure—He finds great joy in helping others experience what he loves.


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