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Matt Kelsic

Matt grew up Denver, Colorado and while not growing up in a fly-fishing family, a lot of time was spent outdoors camping, hiking, and skiing. In his teens, Matt discovered the joys of fishing with a fly rod and never really looked back. After attending college in Maryland, he returned to the Colorado mountains as a fly-fishing guide in what was supposed to be a stop gap before the real world. For the last 13 years he has spent time in the fly fishing industry as a guide, lodge manager, and sales repOver those years Matt has made trips to Belize, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Florida in pursuit of saltwater species on the fly. The challenges and rewards that flats fishing offers as well getting to experience the different cultures are just some of the attributes of a destination fly fishing trip that Matt relishes in. Belize is where Matt first started saltwater fly fishing and he Is excited to help those new to saltwater fly fishing set up their trip of a lifetime. When not on the water, Matt loves skiing with his family and chasing upland birds with his English Setter.


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